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Tell Shell Online Survey

Have you got the idea that Shell Oil Company offers you all to enjoy the Shell Gas Discount Days with special Gas Price? Now, do you also know that you can start to fill out TellShell which is the Voice Of Customer survey program? Yes, you can start to go to TellShell.Shell.Com in order to fill out the Feedback Form. For the next, after leaving some Feedback, you are going to get the chance to win $100 gift card. Wow! Of course, it is going to be awesome as all of you can be the lucky winners. Anyway, you can’t ask uncommon questions through the survey such as the ways to change Shell To Bash, which Shell am I using, and how to change it in Linux as well.

⛽What is TellShell?⛽

Sot that you know, TellShell is the legal customer or guest satisfaction survey from Shell Oil Company. Here, all of you can start to go to www.TellShell.Shell.Com in order to get the Feedback Form. Yes, through this Voice Of Customer survey program, you can start to leave some Feedback, complaints, as well as the suggestions. Indeed, there will be some survey questions which you get at the survey form. But, they won’t ask you about how to change Shell To Bash, which Shell am I using, or even how to change Shell in Linux.

TellShell Shell Voice Of The Customer survey and Shell sweepstakes for $100 gift card
TellShell Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from TellShell.Shell.com

Instead, the questions are about your last visit to this gas station. In this case, you can start speaking up your comment about your satisfaction during the visit. Maybe, you love the Gas Discount Days and ask more. Or maybe, you dislike the Price as it is not affordable and so on. After completing the survey, you are going to get the chance to take part in the sweepstakes. You know, it is going to be great as you can be the lucky sweepstakes winners of $100 gift card. Best luck!

TellShell Shell Voice Of The Customer survey and Shell sweepstakes for $100 gift card
TellShell Survey Sweepstakes Steps Infographic

⛽What Steps to Take to Join Tell Shell Survey Sweepstakes?⛽

Dear all friends! If you guess you are ready to start filling out the survey, it is going to be good if you understand the sweepstakes steps. In this case, all of you can start to try following these survey steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Survey Website

First of all, you all get to check out the website. In this case, you must get your smartphone as well as the internet browser complete with the internet access. And then, you can go to www.TellShell.com which is the official survey website.

  • Step 2: Click “To Find Your Visit Information, Click Here”

When you get the homepage, you can click on the “To Find Your Visit Information, Click Here” link. Yes, you are going to check out the sample of the receipt complete with the data which you get to fill out.

  • Step 3: Fill Out the Site ID

Now, as you have got the insight into the sample, you can start to fill out the Site ID. You know, you can check out the ID on the top part of your receipt. In this case, your site ID has three digits.

  • Step 4: Fill Out Visit Date

For the next, all of you also need to start filling out the visit date. In this case, you just get to check out the bottom part of your receipt.

  • Step 5: Fill Out Visit Time

Along with the visit date, you also get to fill out the visit time. Yes, the detail is near to your visit date.

  • Step 6: Click on “Start”

For you who have been filling out all data, you can start to click on the “Start” button. You know, it is going to show you to the official Feedback form.

  • Step 7: Give Ratings on the Questions

After that, it is the best time for all of you to start giving some ratings based on your satisfaction level during your visit to the store. In this case, you are going to get various survey questions. Of course, they are about the service, location, and so on. As customers, you can freely give the bad or good ratings based on the situation during our visit.

  • Step 8: Leave the Feedback

Right now, you can also start to leave some feedback such as the suggestions, complaints, and other  comments. If you see, the official team is going to fix some troubles which you get from your last visit. And of course, it is going to be fun if you get a better service for your next visit. In other words, you also help those customers who don’t know how to speak up their complaints.

  • Step 9: Take Part in the Sweepstakes

So, some of you have completed filling out the feedback form. In this case, you are going to get the offer whether you want to take part in the sweepstakes or not. If you are going to be one of the survey winners, you must take part. Meanwhile, if you have no interest, you can just submit the survey and quit the page.

  • Step 10: Fill Out Your Personal Data

And the last, it is the finishing section which requests all of you to start filling you’re your data. You know, you get to fill out your full name, birthdate, or age, as well as your contacts. Here, you will need to start filling out your phone number, your mail address, and your email as well.

⛽What are Tell Shell Customer Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?⛽

Are you ready to start taking part in the sweepstakes? Well, you get to obey the rules if you guess you want to be the next sweepstakes winners. Otherwise, you will get disqualified as you are not eligible. And, here are the sweepstakes rules:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for the Survey Sweepstakes

First of all, it is necessary that you are qualified or eligible for the the sweepstakes. You know, you all must be 18 years old who is the legal resident of America. No doubt, you mustn’t be a part of the employees as the program is for customers only.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join the Survey Sweepstakes

And then, you also must get the things which you need in order to get into the survey portal. If you see, you must get the smartphone with the internet browser and connection. Here, there are some browsers which you can use like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.

  • Get the Valid Receipt

After that, you also need to get the valid receipt. Yes, it is because the only way to take the feedback form is by using the receipt. In this case, each of you must ensure whether your receipt is still valid. Easily, you just get to check out the validity of your receipt. For your information, your receipt is only valid for one survey sweepstakes entry.

  • Obey the Prize Redemption Rules

If you see, when you become one of those  sweepstakes winners, you must start obeying the rules. In this case, you can check out your email or postal mail. Or, you can also start to check out the rules at the site. If you get your name on the winner list, you can start following the instructions. Here, you mustn’t be late in submitting the sweepstakes winner form if you don’t want to get disqualified.

⛽What are Tell Shell Survey Sweepstakes Rewards and Prizes?⛽

Anyway, you all must understand that the corporate offers you to win $100 Gift Cards. In this case, the TellShell prize is in the form of gift cards. Therefore, you can only start to use the gift card at the stores only. Yes, you can try to use it at gas station, store, and other locations including Shell Near Me.

In this case, whenever you do a transaction, you get to ensure that you always check the gift card balance. Of course, it will avoid you from running out of the balance. And also, you get to pay attention to the expired date. You know, even if you still get the balance, you won’t be able to use it if it meets the expired date. Anyway, you won’t also be able to reload the gift card balance. It is because it is not reloadable unlike the gift card in general. If you have spent the amount, it means that you won’t need the gift card anymore.

⛽Brief about Shell Corporate Profile⛽

Do you know that Shell has a longer name which is Royal Dutch Shell? For your information, it is a chain of oil industry company from Anglo-Dutch. Believe it or not, it is the biggest number five largest oil and gas company. You know, it has some Subsidiaries including Shell Oil Company, Pennzoil, as well as Raízen, and BG Group. Anyway, you can start to go to the Headquarters by going to the Hague, Netherlands. If you see, it has over 92,000 employees who are ready to serve you well.

⛽How to Seek for Shell Gas Station Near Me?⛽

Anyone of you is going to seek for the locations? Don’t worry! You can start to check out some ways in which you can try. They are:

  • Store Locator

First of all, you will get it easy to go to the website which is reachable at Shell.com. You know, you are going to get the navigator or the store locator. Yes, you just get to fill out your zip code or the city, and the state. Later, you are going to get the list of locations in that area.

  • Shell Near Me

Also, you can start to seek Shell Near Me on Google Map or Google search engine. For your information, there will be some filters which you can start to use. Yes, they include the ratings, hours, as well as the distance of  locations to your current position.

  • Shell App

And the last, you can also give a try to use the Shell store locator or the navigator at the application. Indeed, you can easily start to use the GPS satellite in providing your current position. No need, you must get the list of the gas stations near to your place.

⛽How to Get in Touch with Customer Care Service?⛽

The last section, how many of you need to start getting in touch with the official team? Don’t worry! You know, there are some contacts which are reachable for you. And, they are;

  • Corporate Office Address

First of all, you can try to set an appointment with the  official team at Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, 2596 HR The Hague, The Netherlands. Here, you can call the phone number in order to set the appointment.

  • Postal Mailing Address

Anyway, you can start to write a letter and address it to PO box 162, 2501 AN  The Hague, The Netherlands.

  • Phone Number

And then, you can also start to call the phone number which is reachable at +31 70 377 9111. Of course, it is important for all of you to start calling the phone number in the business hours.

  • Social Networks

For some of you who have the social networks, you can also start to check out the official the account. In this case, you can start to access Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram.

  • Website

And the last, if you guess you need to get more information, you can start to go to www.Shell.com. Yes, it is the official website which is going to provide you some information including the Wikipedia,Oil Company, Royal Dutch Shell, as well as the Careers. Of course, you will also be able to get Meaning complete with more about the Company and its Gas.

It looks like all of you have got the insight into TellShell which is the legal Shell Voice Of The Customer. You know, you can start to get the official Feedback Form at TellShell.Shell.Com. Indeed, the survey is going to ask you some questions but not about Change Shell To Bash, which Shell am I using, or even how to change Shell in Linux. You can enjoy leaving some Feedback about theOil Company. And, you can also leave some suggestions including Gas Discount Days and special Gas Price. Enjoy taking part in the sweepstakes and best luck of being the Shell sweepstakes winners!

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