All about Subway Card Frequently Asked Questions (MySubwayCard FAQs)

It is a good day for all Subway customers! You know, the restaurant always gives customers the best service. In this case, you must be glad as you can start registering for a Subway Card. Besides, you can also try to activate it online at MySubwayCard website. No doubt, you are going to be able to access your gift card balance. Nicely, you can also try to check the special offers online. Yes, for all Subway card holders, you are going to enjoy the best service from the company. Are you ready to get all the information about the cards and benefits? Have fun!

Do You Have To Register A Subway Gift Card?

First of all, you can start to gain information about the Subway gift card registration. You know, some of you may ask whether you have to register a Subway gift card or not. Indeed, a Subway gift card is different from the Subway Card or what is familiar with the name of MySubwayCard. If you see, Subway Card is an official Subway membership cards which the balance is reloadable. Meanwhile, Subway Gift Card is a card which isn’t reloadable and targeted to be a gift to someone from the customer.

In other words, you can say that the Subway card is for the customers who want to be members. In this case, each transaction can give benefits to the members. For example, when you swipe the Subway Card on your transaction, you must get some points. Someday, you can redeem the points for some rewards such as discounts or free items. Meanwhile, Subway gift card is like electronic money which doesn’t allow you to get points and other rewards. Of course, you must register online or offline to get the Subway Gift Card. Here, you can go to and click on the gift card menu.

Subway Card Frequently Asked Questions accessed from
Subway Card Frequently Asked Questions accessed from

How To Activate A Subway Card?

Anyway, for you who get interested in being the Subway member, you can start to activate the Subway card. Of course, you are going to need some steps to activate it. Here, you must keep in your mind that the card has some benefits to you. Well, you can check out the following ways on how to activate a Subway card. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to Subway Restaurant

First thing first, you can start to go to the Subway restaurant. In this case, you must know that there are some ways to seek the nearest Subway restaurant locations. Not to mention, you can seek Subway Near Me on Google Maps, or even at the store locator at the Subway official site. Yes, you can enjoy exploring the closest Subway restaurants in your area.

  • Step 2: Buy A Subway Card

For the next, you can reach the Subway staff member and request to purchase A Subway Card. Yes, again, it is the membership cards owned by Subway restaurant for all customers who want to be a member for the sake of special offers. Here, you can also try to choose the balance which you want to load. Yes, the prices are variable based on the balance which you prefer.

  • Step 3: Ask Subway Staff to Activate Your Subway Card

For the next, Subway staff member is going to help you to activate your Subway Card. Indeed, the process is simple as it only takes less than five minutes. Anyway, you can also give a try to activate it by yourself. Mostly, Subway employees won’t let you activate the card by yourself. It is because you are going to have access to the membership team. And, it is going to be complicated. In other words, you just have to pay for the Subway card, and you must get it activated over your name.

  • Step 4: Enjoy Using Subway Card

And now, as you have got your Subway Card activated, you can continue to enjoy using the membership card. Yes, whenever you do a transaction at the Subway restaurant, you can give your card to the staff member. Of course, the staff is going to swipe your card in order to recognize you as the member. Later, you must get extra points on your card over the transaction which you make. One day, when you get enough points, you can give a try to redeem the free Subway menu and even discount off. Have fun!

How To See If A Subway Gift Card Is Activated?

You know, you can start a couple of ways to check whether your Subway Card is active or not. Here, the first one is by approaching the Subway staff member, and the second one is by creating MySubwayCard account. Enjoy the following steps guides:

  • Approach Subway Staff Member to Check Subway Card Status

At first, you can start to go to the Subway restaurant. And then, you can ask the staff member to see whether your Subway Gift Card is activated or not yet. If you get it activated, the staff member must let you know. Meanwhile, if it isn’t active yet, Subway staff member is going to offer you whether you want help to activate it or not. Of course, it is good for you to accept the offer of the employee to get your Subway Card activated.

  • Check the Status of Subway Card on MySubwayCard Website

The next way, you can also give a try to check the Subway Card status online. Simply, you just have to go to You know, it is important for you to create MySubwayCard account. Yes, all of you must know that the website offers you to check whether your Subway Card is active or not. Simply, you just have to follow the steps to create My Subway Card account. In the process of MySubwayCard registration, you must have to fill out your Subway Card PIN. Yes, you must fill out the code on the website. If the page says that your pin is invalid, your Subway Card may be not active yet. But, if you succeed in creating your account, it means that your Subway Card is active already.

Subway Gift Card Can I Register Without A Pin Number?

For information, all Subway Gift Card has a pin number. In this case, the goal of the Subway Card PIN is to prevent someone else to use your card. Of course, you mustn’t be glad if someone finds your card and use it freely. Yes, it is like the system of ATM where you get the PIN as a part of security. If you are going to ask an ATM without the PIN, it is impossible.

Where Is The Pin Number On A Subway Card?

Some of you may get no idea where to get the Subway Gift Card. Well, you just have to open the paper given to you along with your Subway Card. And then, you can open the paper and scratch the location of the PIN. No doubt, the paper has the instruction about the location of the Subway Card PIN. Mostly, it is in the middle of the paper. Once you have done, you can start memorizing the PIN. Of course, you must keep the PIN from anyone else. You know, you mustn’t give the personal identification number to someone else. If they know the PIN, they may get a chance to steal the Subway card from you.

How To Use Subway Gift Card?

Well, you may have bought a Subway gift card with some templates which you prefer. Or maybe, you may get the Subway Gift Card from someone else as a gift. In this case, you must know how to use it. Of course, you can only start using the gift card at a Subway restaurant. Mostly, the gift card is for some occasions. Not to mention, they can be a birthday gift, best employee gifts, wedding gift, and so on. Yes, it is like giving them money, and they can only use it to buy a Subway menu.

When you go to a Subway restaurant, you must order some Subway menus. Of course, you can try to make it dine-in or takeaway. For information, all of you get to give the Subway Gift Card to the staff member when you are going to pay the bill. For the next, the staff member is going to swipe the card on the machine. Yes, the staff member will also give you the status of your Subway Gift Card balance. By using your gift card, you won’t have to show your cash to pay the bill. Isn’t it nice?

How Do You Check The Balance On A Subway Gift Card?

Anyway, some of you may need to check out your Subway gift card balance. As you all can see, you can either check it online or offline. Well, you can check out a couple of ways:

  • Check Subway Gift Card Balance Offline

As usual, when it comes to offline, you must have to put effort to go to the nearest Subway restaurant. Well, you can start approaching the staff member and ask them to check the balance for you. Or maybe, you can also try to do it while you are making a transaction at the cashier. Not to mention, Subway staff member must be glad to help you to check your Subway Gift Card balance.

  • Check Subway Gift Card Balance Online

The next, it is also good that you try checking out the Subway Gift Card balance online. Simply, you just have to go to Subway official website. It is reachable at And then, you can click on the gift card menu. After that, you just have to fill out the Subway Gift Card serial number complete with the PIN. Later, you must get the information about your Subway Gift Card balance. Simple, isn’t it? Anyway, you must pay attention to the expired date. If it is expiring, you must use the entire balance. Otherwise, the Subway Gift Card remain balance is going to be invalid and no longer valuable.

How to Get Free Sandwich Menu from Subway Restaurant?

Of course, you have got all the information about the Subway card as well as the Subway gift card. You know, you can gain a bunch of benefits and special offers from the member card. Anyway, you can also try to get a free sandwich menu from the Subway restaurant. Here are some steps which you can try to take to get the Subway free sandwich:

  • Step 1: Go to Subway Restaurant

Yes, first of all, you can go to the Subway restaurant. Of course, you can search for Subway Near Me to get the list of Subway locations in your place. After that, you can start to set the filter whether you want Subway 24 hours open, nearest Subway location, and so on.

  • Step 2: Purchase A Subway Menu

Yes, when you are in the restaurant, you can start to order a Subway menu. Of course, it is good for you to order more menus based on your favorite. Of course, all Subway menus are recommended for you. They are tasty, and the prices are affordable.

  • Step 3: Get the Subway Receipt Code

Of course, when you do a transaction, the cashier must give you the receipt. Yes, it is the goal of your visit. You must keep the receipt in order to redeem it for the free sandwich.

  • Step 4: Go to TellSubway Survey Site

While you enjoy your menu, or when you are at home, you can go online and visit For information, it is the official website for the Subway customer satisfaction survey. Yes, you must be sure that you go to the right site. Otherwise, you won’t get the Subway free sandwich coupon.

  • Step 5: Fill Out Subway Survey Code

You know, it must be nice for you to check out your receipt. It is because you need to fill out the Subway survey code. Yes, you mustn’t be able to continue if you fill out the invalid Subway survey code.

  • Step 6: Complete TellSubway Survey

And now, you just have to complete the survey. For information, survey just asks you to share your dining experience. In this case, it is okay for you to give a good or bad response based on your satisfaction level. Of course, your Subway feedback must be helpful for the restaurant to fix the problems inside the restaurant.

  • Step 7: Get Subway Free Sandwich Coupon

Fellas, you can start to get the Subway free sandwich. If you see, you must get the validation code in the ending part. Yes, it is the Subway coupon code which you must save. Simply, you just have to get a pen and a receipt. And then, you can write down the coupon code on your receipt.

  • Step 8: Redeem Subway Coupons for Free Chicken Sandwich

Finally! You can start to go to a Subway restaurant to redeem your receipt with a free sandwich. Of course, you must start making a transaction in order to get the Subway sandwich for free. Have fun!

Now, you have got all the information about Subway gift card FAQs, Subway card FAQs, as well as Subway survey FAQs. As good customers, you must be glad about receiving special offers from the restaurant. No doubt, all of you have got the insight on how to get benefits from your status as Subway customers. Have fun and enjoy your day!

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