DollarTreeFeedback – $1,000 Dollar Tree Survey Winners

Some of you can be the customers of Dollar Tree supermarket. In this case, you must find the good news because you can exchange your receipt for $1,000 cash. Wow! Yes, you all just have to fill out Dollar Tree Feedback that is the Dollar Tree survey. And, you can be the next survey winners winning $1,000 cash. Indeed, you all can also get your chance to be the Sweepstakes Winners by going to application. Are you ready for $1,000 and $1,500 prizes?

What is DollarTreeFeedback?

Some of you may find this term for the first time and of course, you all need other information about this program. You know, DollarTreeFeedback is the legal Dollar Tree customer feedback survey that you all can fill out as long as you have the valid receipt. It is because the receipt has the DollarTreeFeedback survey code. And, you all can go to the website or the application to fill out the survey.

DollarTreeFeedback Survey Sweepstakes for $1,000 Daily Cash and $1,500 Weekly Prizes
DollarTreeFeedback Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides Accessed from

As you all can see, Dollar Tree Feedback is the space where all customers can give their feedback. For instance, they can give suggestions, or complaints, or so on like comments. For your rewards, you will be able to be a part of the next Dollar Survey Winners. Yes, you can join the sweepstakes to be Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Winners of $1,000 cash. Nice, isn’t it?

What Steps to Take to Join DollarTreeFeedback Survey Sweepstakes?

Some of you may start to think that filling out the survey can lead you to get $1,000 cash. Yes, it is all correct as long as you all know how to complete the entire survey process. And, here is the best guide for Dollar survey sweepstakes:

  • Step 1: Go to DollarTreeFeedback Website

First of all, you can start to go to the website that is available at this link. Here, you will find it necessary to get your smartphone or any other device with the internet access ready. The access here includes the browser and the internet connection. At the address bar of the browser, you should go to the correct site.

  • Step 2: Change A Language

You have reached the official survey homepage and you all can start to pick a language. You know, you get English, Spanish, and French that you must click one if you want to continue. No doubt, the one you choose must be understandable for you.

  • Step 3: Fill Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Code

The third step that you all can take is to fill out the valid survey code. In this case, you all need to know that your code here is crucial to pass the portal. If you see, that code must have the 16 numbers and they are available at the bottom of the receipt as you can see from the sample.

  • Step 4: Click on the “Next” button

As you have filled out the survey code, you now can click on the “Next” button. If you still find the homepage, you may have filled the incorrect code or the connection may be not stable.

  • Step 5: Give Ratings on DollarTreeFeedback Questions

The next step to take is giving the ratings on Dollar Feedback survey questions. Of course, it is your responsibility to give the right answers. And, you will get some questions that talk about the service you got, the stock of products, and including the store locations. For information, the ratings here vary from “very disappointed” to “highly satisfied.”

  • Step 6: Leave Dollar Feedback & Comments

If you all completed giving the ratings, you now can continue to leave your feedback and comments. In this case, all of you are free to leave complaints, or even critics, and suggestions. You know, your comments must be helpful for the company to provide a better service.

  • Step 7: Join DollarTree Sweepstakes for $1,000 & $1,500

And now, at the last step, you must get an offer from the survey page to join the sweepstakes program. Yes, you will earn the chance to be Dollar Tree survey winners for $1,000 or $1,500 cash. Once you get the announcement of Dollar sweepstakes winners, you must be delighted!

What are DollarTreeFeedback Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

Indeed, most of you may think that all people or all DT customers can freely join the sweepstakes. Indeed, you all must gather more information about the qualifications and the rules. Yes, you have to get the rules before you play, and here the survey qualifications and rules:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Dollar Tree Sweepstakes

First thing first, you must know that you must be the eligible customers for the program. Not to mention, you must be the American legal resident who is 18 years or older. Even if you can complete all the survey sweepstakes, but if you are not eligible, you are not qualified to be Dollar sweepstakes winners. Anyway, another qualification is about the participant status that they must not be one of Dollar employees.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join for the Survey

You may be qualified for this survey program and you will feel great if you are ready for it. Indeed, it is best for you to get to know the items which you will need. And, they are including the electronic device like smartphone or laptop, and the internet, complete with the browser. In short, you just have to ensure that everything is okay with the connection for the website.

  • Get the Valid Dollar Tree Receipt

The next, you get the full qualification is you get the valid receipt. As all of you can see, the valid receipt is crucial and is valid for one Dollar survey entry. And, you can get more receipts for more Dollar survey entries.

  • Dollar Survey Winners

And the last, you may have finished all steps for the survey and Dollar Trees sweepstakes. And now, if you become those sweepstakes winners, it doesn’t mean that you can directly claim your $1,000 cash or $1,500 cash. Instead, you must be sure that you fulfill the requirement for the winners. Yes, it is like filling out the form and submitting it on time as the instruction given to you.

What are Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Rewards and Prizes?

Let’s say that you are one of those lucky Tree Feedback survey winners. Now, you must be very happy and can’t wait to grab your daily $1,000 or weekly $1,500 prizes. Well, you all need to keep in your mind that there are two kinds of sweepstakes. First, it is the daily prizes and second, it is the weekly prizes. You know, the daily prizes here are in the form of $1,000 cash. Meanwhile, the weekly prizes are in the form of anything that values $1,500.

Brief about Dollar Tree Corporate Profile

You all have got the insight into the survey and the sweepstakes. Now, other important information you all need is about the corporate profile. You know, Dollar Tree Stores, Incorporation is the market chain that has some various stores that provide various items with the price of $1 or lower. And, it is why this the stores have another name that is “Only $1.00”.

Here, it has parent organization is SKM partners that have the subsidiaries like Family Dollar, Deals, and Dollar Tree Canada as well. Besides, you also need to know that the headquarters is accessible if you go to Chesapeake, Virginia, United States of America. You all can feel free to gather deeper information about the company by going to its official website. Yes, you can go online and go to to gather more about the store. For instance, you can get the list of store locations. Or, you may need the info on hours, and the Holiday Hours. And, you can download the Application to get coupons and other Ad.

How to Seek for Dollar Tree Near Me?

Alright! As customers, youy may be willing to go shopping at DT stores to get valid receipts. Yes, you can also go to some locations to do the same as survey prizes are waiting for you. Anyway, here you can find some methods to seek for the nearst locations. They are:

  • Dollar Tree Store Locator on Official Website

First, you can start to use the first store locator that everyone can find on the official website. Here, you must go online and then, you all can go to And, you will get the store locator that asks you to fill out the zip code or the city details. Click on search and you will get those locations you want.

  • Dollar Tree Near Me on Google and Map

Second, you can also seek for the store Near Me on Google search engine or Google Map. Yes, if you want to get more accurate results based on your preference, you can use various filters. They are like the reviews, hours, or distance. And, here you can save the results that you can use later or now.

  • Store Locations on Dollar Tree App

Anyway, all customers can also feel free to download the application on your mobile phone. Here, the application also has the same store locator. Yes, you can start to use it to get the best list for the locations.

  • The Store Locations on Facebook

And the last, you can use one of your social networks that is Facebook to access the local Dollar stores. And, you must be able to get all the information about Dollar store in your area.

How to Get in Touch with Dollar Tree Customer Care Service?

If you ask about how to get in touch with the customer care team, you will get the answer. Here, you all need to find out that the corporate office has some channels for Dollar contacts. And, all customers can feel free to use the contacts to get in touch with the official team. Alright, here are the official contacts for you:

  • DollarTree CS Phone Number

First thing first, you can grab your phone and start to call the phone number at 1 877 530 8733. You know, all customers can feel free to ask anything related to the store. And even more, you can leave the survey, or complaints through the phone number. As long as you call the number in the business hours, you will get the best and fastest responses.

  • Dollar Tree Corporate Office Address

Second, you can also try to write a letter and you can send it to 1330 Executive Boulevard Chesapeake, Virginia 23320, USA. You know, the representative will help you by replying the best response.

  • Dollar Tree Office Phone Number

If you think dialing the Corporate office will be the best, you can start to call 757 842 6628. Yes, you must follow the same rule that you have to call in the business hours.

  • Dollar Social Networks

The next contact is about social networks media. Here, all customers can access Facebook account, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. Or, you all can also access LinkedIn as well as Twitter to get the live chat with the official team.

  • Dollar Tree Website

And the last, you can gather the complex information of the corporate and some locations through the website. Yes, by going to this link, you can check the hours, coupons, ads, holiday hours, and so on. Indeed, you can also get the same information if you download the Application.

From the entire information above, you all have got the insight into the survey. Now, you may be willing to access the website or application to be Dollar Tree Survey Winners. Enjoy being Dollar Sweepstakes Winners of $1,000 cash or $1,500 prizes!

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