Indigo Feedback Survey – Take Www.IndigoFeedback.Com & Win $500 Gift Card

For you who just used the service of IndiGo, you are going to get a special offer. Yes, it is Indigo Feedback Survey and Indigo Sweepstakes program which is going to reward you some prizes. You know, you all just have to go to Www.IndigoFeedback.Com and use your valid receipt to pass the Indigo Survey portal. For the next, you just need five to ten minutes to complete the Indigo Customer Feedback Form. Once you have completed the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can try to join the sweepstakes program. You know, the program is looking for a lucky winner to grab Indigo $500 Gift Card. Are you ready to be the next survey winner?

What is Indigo Feedback Survey?

Of course, you can take your time to know more about the survey sweepstakes. First, Indigo Feedback Survey is the legal customer satisfaction survey created by Indigo Airlines customer service team for all customers. Yes, Indigo Survey has some names like Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey and so on. Here, you can start to go to Www.IndigoFeedback.Com to get the Indigo Customer Feedback Form. But, you must pass the portal by filling out your Indigo receipt details.

You can win $100 prizes from Indigo Feedback Survey
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The second one, it is Indigo Sweepstakes which is a program created for the Indigo Chapters Feedback survey takers. Yes, if you have completed the Indigo survey, you can join this awesome program to win Indigo $500 Gift Card. Well, completing the survey is just similar to sending feedback though Indigo Customer Care Email Address. Or, you can also try to compare to the email which you sent to Indigo Airlines Customer Care Email Id. The different thing here is that the sweepstakes program is going to give you a chance to grab $500 gift card as the prizes. Awesome.

How to win $500 Indigo gift card from Indigo Feedback Survey Portal
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What Steps to Take for Indigo Feedback Survey Sweepstakes?

Alright! It is the best time for you to start getting your chance to be the Indigo survey winner. Of course, you are going to see a bunch of survey sweepstakes steps. And, here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to Indigo Feedback Survey Website

First of all, you can give a try to get your smartphone ready. Of course, you are also going to need the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other else. After that, you can try to click on the address bar and go to

  • Step 2: Choose English or French

After that, you must have a couple of languages. The first one is English and the second one is French. Yes, you must choose one language in order to continue.

  • Step 3: Click on “Next”

If you have done choosing the language which you prefer, you can continue to click on the “Next” button.

  • Step 4: Fill Out Date of Visit

For the next, you must agree that the Indigo survey page asks you to fill out a brief about your visit. Not to mention, you must complete the visit date. Simply, you just have to click on the mini calendar logo in order to choose the date. Yes, the date here means the date of the purchase.

  • Step 5: Fill Out Indigo Store Number

After that, it is also important for you to try filling out the Indigo store number. As you all can see, the store number here is reachable on the same Indigo receipt.

  • Step 6: Fill Out the Indigo Transaction Number

You know, you all can continue to the next step. Here, the Indigo survey portal also asks you to fill out Indigo transaction number. Of course, the valid Indigo TRN is reachable on your receipt.

  • Step 7: Fill Out Your Age

Indeed, Indigo survey page is curious about your age. In this case, you must fill out your age. Yes, you are going to choose it based on your age. Of course, if you are below 18 years old, you won’t be able to continue.

  • Step 8: Answer the Captcha

Later, you can continue to type the captcha appears on the page. Indeed, the captcha here is to ensure whether you aren’t a robot. Therefore, you must fill out the correct captcha based on the sample. If you input them wrong, you are going to get another captcha until you make it correct.

  • Step 9: Click on “Submit”

So, in case all of you have completed all the details requested for Indigo survey portal, you can click on the “Submit” button.

  • Step 10: Response to Indigo Feedback Survey Questions

Fellas, you can continue to the next step. Here, you all must know that there are Indigo survey questions to answer. Nicely, you just have to click on the best response which describes your last visit. No doubt, you must see some scales starting from 1-9. It is okay for you to give the low or high ratings based on your experience. Yes, your responses here must be able to describe whether you have a good experience or not.

  • Step 11: Leave Indigo Feedback

Well, if you guess the survey questions are not enough, you may keep calm. It is because the Indigo survey page offers you to leave some feedback. In this case, it is good for you to leave Indigo suggestions, Indigo comments, and even Indigo complaints. No doubt, Indigo official team is going to appreciate your feedback. And, Indigo customer service team will give a try to fix some troubles at the store for the sake of customers’ satisfaction.

  • Step 12: Join Indigo Sweepstakes Program

The last, as you have done completing the Indigo feedback survey form, you must be glad. In this case, you can take your part to be the candidate of Indigo survey winner. Of course, this Indigo sweepstakes program is going to give you a way to be the winner.

  • Step 13: Complete Your Data

Indeed, it is the final touch of the Indigo survey sweepstakes steps. Yes, you all must be sure whether you fill out the requested details properly. Not to mention, you must complete your name as well as your contacts. Yes, you may have to start filling out your email address, phone number, and even home address. Of course, you can say that your contacts are going to be useful. If you become the Indigo sweepstakes winner, the official team must try to contact you to give the notification.

You can win $500 from Indigo Feedback Survey Portals
Indigo Feedback Survey Portals at

What are the Indigo Feedback Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

It is pretty clear that Indigo survey sweepstakes prizes are in the form of Indigo gift cards. As you all can see, the lucky winner is going to grab $500 Indigo gift card. And, this program is Indigo monthly sweepstakes. it means that you can join the program every month. And, there must be an Indigo winner every month to grab a $500 gift card. Of course, the more you join the programs, the more chances you get to be the next Indigo survey winner.

What are the Indigo Feedback Survey Sweepstakes Rules & Qualifications?

You know, in being the lucky Indigo winner, you must follow all the rules and qualifications. Yes, you can try to check out the following rules:

  • Legal United States Residents

First of all, it is good that you ensure whether you are the legal US residents. Of course, if you aren’t eligible, you won’t be able to continue to be the next candidate of Indigo survey winner.

  • Old Enough

Of course, you must understand that Indigo survey sweepstakes aren’t children. If you see, the minimum age for the program is 18 years. And, you can’t be younger if you are going to be the candidate of the Indigo sweepstakes winner.

  • Valid Indigo Receipt Details

The next, you can continue to get the valid Indigo receipt. You know, you won’t be able to get into the Indigo survey portal if you don’t have the valid one. It is because the receipt has the details requested by the survey portal.

  • Finish All Indigo Survey Sweepstakes Procedures

You know, you can only be the winner if you complete Indigo sweepstakes procedures. No doubt, you just have to spend your free five minutes.

  • Follow the Rules to Redeem Indigo $500 Gift Cards

Well, the last rule is for all Indigo survey participants who win the prizes. In this case, there must be some instructions for all of you to follow. For instance, you get to complete Indigo sweepstakes winner form. After that, you can continue to submit the filled form on time. Of course, if you are late, Indigo official team has the full right to substitute you with another participant.

Brief of IndiGo Airline Company Profile

You all have got the idea that Indigo is one of the biggest low-cost airline from India. Here, Indigo is the subsidiary of Interglobe Aviation Ltd. Yes, Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal are the Indigo founders. You can start to go to Gurugram, India to get the Indigo headquarters. Of course, you can start to go to the official website at to gain more information about the company.

Ways to Get in Touch with Indigo Customer Care Service Team

It is good for you to ask some questions or ask for some help to the official team. And, there are some contacts for you to try, such as:

  • IndiGo Corporate Office Address

IndiGo, Level 1, Tower C, Global Business Park, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, India

  • IndiGo Office Phone Number


  • IndiGo Office Fax Number


  • IndiGo Email ID

  • IndiGo Official Website

  • IndiGo Registered Office Address

IndiGo, Central Wing, Ground Floor, Thapar House, 124, Janpath, New Delhi – 110001 India

  • IndiGo Registered Office Fax Number


  • IndiGo Registered Office Email ID

You all have got what you need when it comes to Indigo Feedback Survey. Yes, since now on, you can start using your wasted Indigo receipt at Www.IndigoFeedback.Com. You can imagine how amazing it is to be the next Indigo Survey winner. But, there are some procedures which you must complete. Not to mention, you must complete the Indigo Customer Feedback Form, as well as leave some Indigo Chapters Feedback. After that, you can get your chance to join Indigo Sweepstakes to win Indigo $500 Gift Card. Of course, you just have to apply the tricks above to win Indigo Customer Satisfaction Survey prizes. Have fun and best luck!

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