MarshallsFeedback – How to Win Marshalls 500 Gift Card at Marshalls Sweepstakes

Hello friends! It is such a good day for you to start winning Marshalls 500 Gift Card. You know, the company offers you to spend your five minutes on MarshallsFeedback. Yes, it is the legal Marshalls Customer Satisfaction Survey where you can leave some comments like Marshalls Complaints. For the next, you are going to get a chance to join the Marshalls Sweepstakes in order to win the prizes. You just get to prepare the valid receipt and you are going to get the precious chance to be the winner. Nice, isn’t it?

What is MarshallsFeedback?

Well, it is going to be important for each of you to know more about this awesome program. As you all can see, MarshallsFeedback is a legal Marshalls Customer Satisfaction Survey for all customers who have the valid receipt. You know, the survey here is to collect all the customers’ feedback related to your visit to the store. In this case, it is good for you to share your Marshalls Complaints, suggestions, complete with compliments. Here, the survey is accessible at

MarshallsFeedback survey steps to win $500 gift card
MarshallsFeedback steps guides accessed from

As you all can see, you just get to prepare the valid receipt in order to get into the survey portal. Yes, the process of completing the survey here is going to be less than five minutes. For the next, you can start to join Marshalls Sweepstakes to get the chance to win Marshalls 500 Gift Card. Yes, isn’t it nice to use your wasted receipt and exchange it for the gift card? Enjoy the guides!

What Steps to Take to Join MarshallsFeedback Survey?

Alright! It looks like each of you now ready to start joining the sweepstakes to win the gift card. But, before you start, you must complete the survey first. Nicely, you just get to check out the following steps in order to complete the survey sweepstakes. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to Marshalls Survey Website

At the first step, you get to know that you must go to the survey website which is reachable at In this case, you must try to get your device like a laptop, phone, or maybe tablet. For the next, you can start to launch the best browser like the Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Later, you can try to click on the address bar and search the website of the survey.

  • Step 2: Change A Language (Optional)

Once you get the homepage, you must agree that it is in the English language. Here, you can also start to change it into the Spanish language. At the left bottom page, you are going to get the “Española” link. Once you click on that link, the page is going to redirect you all to the Spanish language.

  • Step 3: Fill Out Marshalls Survey Number

After that, you can go on filling out the first detail of your receipt. Yes, it is the survey number which is reachable on your valid receipt. In this case, the survey number has 10 digits. Of course, you get to fill out the survey number correctly.

  • Step 4: Fill Out Date of Visit

For the next, you can also start to fill out the date of visit. In this case, you must be able to get the date of visit on the receipt. Yes, it has the details about the date, month, complete with the year.

  • Step 5: Fill Out Time of Visit

After that, it is also important for you to fill out the time of visit. As you all can see, the receipt also provides you with some details. They are like the hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • Step 7: Click on “Start”

So, each of you has filled out all the details requested correctly. Now, the next thing which you get to do is to click on the “Start” button.

  • Step 8: Give Ratings on Marshalls Survey Questions

Fellas! It must be nice that you start filling out the survey. Somehow, the survey page is going to ask you to some questions related to your last visit. For instance, they can be the cleanliness of the store, the service, the friendliness of the employees, and so on. Besides, the survey also asks you about your overall satisfaction with the service. Nicely, the survey has provided you with some ratings and you just get to choose one as your response. Not to mention, it can be satisfied, disappointed, and so on.

  • Step 9: Leave Marshalls Feedback

You know, the survey also provided you with space where you can start to leave some feedback. In this case, it is okay for you to leave some suggestions, complaints, compliments, and other feedback. Yes, they must be true based on your experience at the store. Later, the official team is going to fix the problems for the sake of all customers.

  • Step 10: Submit the Survey

And then, you can start to submit the survey as the ending step to complete it. Of course, you get to ensure whether you don’t miss a single thing before you submit it.

  • Step 11: Join Marshalls Sweepstakes

Finally! You get the chance to join the sweepstakes program. Of course, you mustn’t miss this chance as you are going to get the chance to win $500 gift card. Here, all of you may join or skip the program.

  • Step 12: Complete Your Personal Data

For you who agree to join, you can go on by filling out your personal data. In this case, the page is going to ask you to fill out your name, birthdate, complete with your contacts. Here, the contacts include the phone number, email address, home address, and so on.

What Steps to Take to Join Marshalls Sweepstakes via Mail?

For you who have no valid receipt, you must be sad as you can’t join the sweepstakes program and win the prizes. Says who? You know, you can start to join the draw through mail. And, here are some steps which you get to do in order to win the prizes. Enjoy!

  • Step 1: Get Your Writing Utensils

First of all, it is important for you to start preparing a 3”x 5” card. In case you don’t have any, you can also try to use a paper and cut it into that size. Of course, it is also crucial for you to start preparing the pen, as well as a postpaid envelope.

  • Step 2: Write Your Personal Data

After that, you can go on writing your personal data on the paper or card. In this case, you must know that you get to write your full name, your complete mailing address, as well as your phone number. Not to mention, you must also start to write down your e-mail address.

  • Step 3: Send to Marshalls “Customer Satisfaction” Sweepstakes

The last one, it is the ending of the step. In this case, you can try to end it by sending it to PO Box 419, Macedon, New York 14502-0418.

What are Marshalls Survey Qualifications and Rules?

So, it looks like you really want to win the prizes. Now, do you get an idea about the sweepstakes rules? Of course, each of you must obey the rules even for those who win the prizes. Here they are!

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Marshalls Survey

At first, you get to be eligible. Yes, the sweepstakes is for the legal United States residents only. Besides, you must be old enough who are 18 years old. If you are ineligible, you won’t be able to win the prizes.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Marshalls Survey

The next one, it is about the things which you must prepare. As you all can see, you must get online access for the online survey sweepstakes. But, for the offline one, you won’t need any online device as well as the valid receipt. You mustn’t also complete the survey first in order to join the sweepstakes.

What are Marshalls Survey Rewards and Prizes?

As you all can see, it is a program of Marshall’s monthly sweepstakes. In this case, they are going to be one winner for each period. In other words, they are going to be 12 winners. And, each Marshall’s sweepstakes winner is going to claim $500 gift card. That’s right! The total prizes here are going to be $6,000.

How to Check the List of Marshalls Sweepstakes Winners?

The first way which you can do is to go online and go to the official website. Later, you can try to click on the “previous winner” link at the bottom part of the right-hand side. For the next, the page must show you the list of the winners.

Or maybe, the second way, you can also try to send Sweepstakes Winners List Request. Yes, you just get to send it to 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, NY 14614. Here, the format of the letter is going to be the same as the offline sweepstakes form.

Brief about Marshalls Corporate Profile

You all must know that Marshalls is a chain of off-price department stores from America. In the first place, Alfred Marshall, Norman Barren, and Bernard Goldston opened the first store in 1956, Beverly, Massachusetts. Today, you can start to go to the headquarters which is in Framingham, Massachusetts. And, there are more than 1,000 stores which you can visit now.

List of Marshalls Locations in the United States of America

You know, you can start to get the list of Marshall’s stores in the USA. If you see, the following table is also going to provide you with the information about the phone numbers complete with the hours. Here you go!

Marshalls Store LocationMarshalls Store Phone NumberMarshalls Store Hours
Broken Arrow, OK, United States+1 918-355-2886Opens 9:30AM
Tulsa Hills Shopping Center, Tulsa, OK, United States+1 918-445-4162Opens 9:30AM
Avon, IN, United States+1 317-271-9641Opens 9:30AM
Rogers, AR, United States+1 479-936-8758Opens 9:30AM
NewMarket Square, Wichita, KS, United States+1 316-722-2350Opens 9:30AM
Mall of America®, Bloomington, MN, United States+1 952-851-0750Opens 10AM
The Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas, NV, United States+1 702-737-1117Opens 9:30AM
Boulder, CO, United States+1 303-449-1997Opens 9:30AM
The Promenade, Garden Grove, CA, United States+1 714-539-6162Opens 9:30AM
DC USA, Washington, DC, United States+1 202-265-3402Opens 9:30AM
Windsor Green Shopping Center, Princeton, NJ, United States
+1 609-520-8664
Opens 9:30AM
St. Augustine, FL, United States
+1 904-808-1246
Opens 9AM
Southern Plaza Shopping Center
Indianapolis, IN, United States
+1 317-784-7077
Opens 9:30AM
San Francisco, CA, United States
+1 415-395-9068
Opens 9AM
Union Plaza Shopping Center
Union, NJ, United States
+1 908-206-1035
Opens 9:30AM
The Flemington Circle Shopping Center
Flemington, NJ, United States
+1 908-237-4511
Opens 9:30AM
Marshalls & HomeGoods
North Brunswick Plaza
North Brunswick Township, NJ, United States
+1 732-745-2901
Opens 9:30AM
Drew 19 Shopping Center
Clearwater, FL, United States
+1 727-799-7800
Opens 9:30AM
Sebring, FL, United States
+1 863-382-2190
Opens 9:30AM
Fremont Hub
Fremont, CA, United States
+1 510-790-3505
Opens 9:30AM
Bloomington, MN, United States
+1 952-806-9772
Opens 9:30AM
Preston Shepard Place
Plano, TX, United States
+1 972-733-3319
Opens 9:30AM
Marshalls & HomeGoods
University Station
Westwood, MA, United States
+1 781-326-6057
Opens 9:30AM
The Shoppes at Gateway
Springfield, OR, United States
+1 541-746-5169
Opens 9:30AM
Pier Park
Panama City Beach, FL, United States
+1 850-233-0838
Opens 9:30AM
Cape Cod Mall
Hyannis, MA, United States
+1 508-775-3740
Opens 9:30AM
Grapevine Mills
Grapevine, TX, United States
+1 972-539-5500
Opens 9:30AM
Cheyenne Commons
Las Vegas, NV, United States
+1 702-647-4031
Opens 9:30AM
Fullerton, CA, United States
+1 714-526-8088
Opens 9:30AM
Marshalls & HomeGoods
Hempfield Plaza
Greensburg, PA, United States
+1 724-850-8828
Opens 9:30AM
Katy Mills
Katy, TX, United States
+1 281-644-7676
Opens 10AM
Watertown, CT, United States
+1 860-274-5481
Opens 9:30AM
NorthTown Mall
Spokane, WA, United States
+1 509-482-4520
Opens 9:30AM
Troy, MI, United States
+1 248-655-0512
Opens 9:30AM
Carwood West Shopping Center
Lakewood, CA, United States
+1 562-497-1037
Opens 9:30AM
Fountain Oaks
Tampa, FL, United States
+1 813-931-1822
Opens 9:30AM
Sunset Mall
San Angelo, TX, United States
+1 325-223-2005
Opens 10AM
Perimeter Expo
Atlanta, GA, United States
+1 770-396-8623
Opens 9:30AM
Hamilton Place
Chattanooga, TN, United States
+1 423-296-9901
Opens 9:30AM
Greenway Station
Middleton, WI, United States
+1 608-831-5303
Opens 9:30AM
Westborough, MA, United States
+1 508-366-6361
Opens 9:30AM
Meyerland Plaza
Houston, TX, United States
+1 713-661-2838
Opens 9:30AM
Central Texas Marketplace
Waco, TX, United States
+1 254-662-5327
Opens 9:30AM
Chimney Rock
Odessa, TX, United States
+1 432-366-0509
Opens 9:30AM
Marshalls & HomeGoods
Lafayette, LA, United States
+1 337-534-0988
Opens 9:30AM
North Ridge Plaza
Joliet, IL, United States
+1 815-730-7905
Opens 9:30AM
Eastgate Shopping Center
Shreveport, LA, United States
+1 318-798-9013
Opens 9:30AM
Buffalo, NY, United States
+1 716-874-8896
Opens 9:30AM
New Hope Commons
Durham, NC, United States
+1 919-489-4884
Opens 9:30AM
Visalia, CA, United States
+1 559-739-7814
Opens 9:30AM
Marshalls and HomeGoods
River Oaks Plaza
Houston, TX, United States
+1 713-807-8890
Opens 9:30AM

How to Seek for Marshalls Near Me?

Are you going to seek the nearest stores? In this case, there are some ways which you can try to do. Here they are!

  • Marshalls Store Locator on Official Website

You know, the official website here is going to give you the access into the locator. You just get to go online in order to go to For the next, you need to start filling out the zip code and so on. After that, you must get a list of the nearest stores in that area.

  • Marshalls Near Me on Google and Map

Or maybe, it is also good for you to use the Google Maps. You just get to go to and try to seek Marshalls Near Me. Yes, there must be a bunch of the closest stores complete with the house, website, and the phone number.

  • Marshalls Locations on Marshalls App

The last, you can also try to use the application on the app store. You know, there must be some features for you like delivery, online order, and even the locator. Yes, you must get all the features ready at once.

How to Get in Touch with Marshalls Customer Care Service?

Alright! In case you are going to get in touch with the customer service, you can start to try the following way. Here they are:

  • Marshalls Phone Number

First of all, you can start to call the phone numbers which is reachable at 1 888 627 7425. But, you get to understand that you must call the number in the business hours. Otherwise, the official team won’t be available for you to help.

  • Marshalls Customer Service Hours

Talking about the hours, you get to know that the official team is available on Monday through Friday. Yes, they are available starting from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Here the details about the hours for you:

Monday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Tuesday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Wednesday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Thursday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Friday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Saturday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Sunday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST

As you all can see, MarshallsFeedback is the legal Marshalls Customer Satisfaction Survey. Here, you can start to give some feedback like comments, complaints, suggestions, and compliments through the survey. Once you finish, you are going to get a chance to win Marshalls Sweepstakes prizes. Are you ready for $500 gift card? Have fun and best luck!

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