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You know, earth without art is just eh! And, the best place for you to explore your creativity is Michaels. No doubt, this Companies provides you the best masterpiece which you can purchase. And you know, the Customer Service offers all of you to start filling out Michaels Survey to get the Crafts Coupons. For information, if you fill out the MyMichaelsVisit survey, you must get the Coupon Code. For the next, you can start redeeming the Coupon Code for some rewards. Well, it is going to be fun to get the Coupons Online and then redeem all of your Coupons. Now, you can start getting some artistic rewards from this art masterpiece. Wow!

What is Michaels Survey?

Alright! It is going to be the best if each of you starts knowing more about this Survey. You know, Michaels Survey has the official name which is MyMichaelsVisit. Of course, it is a legal customer or guest satisfaction survey from the Michaels Companies. Yes, the company wants to get the feedback from all customers about their last visit. In this case, you just get to prepare your receipt as well as Survey code. And then, you can start going to this survey site.

Michaels Survey or MyMichaelsVisit survey for free Michaels coupons
Michaels Survey Steps Guides from MyMichaelsVisit.com

As all of you can see, you must start going to the store and purchase an item. Of course, you must go to the store in its proper Hours. Later, you all can start using the receipt to fill out the Survey. But, when you go to the website, you must ensure that you don’t mistype the address. At the ending part of the survey, you can start getting the coupon Code, or its Crafts Coupons. Yes, in order to use this, you must start writing the the Coupons code. Or, you can also try to use the Coupons Online and you get to read the Return Policy. Yes, after using the Coupon Code, you must get some Rewards. Are you ready?

Michaels Survey or MyMichaelsVisit survey for free Michaels coupons
Michaels Survey Steps Guides infographic

What Steps to Take to Join Michaels Online Survey for a Free Coupon?

Alright, friends! You are going to be happy if you have got the free coupons. But, you won’t get it until you have completed filling out the Michaels Survey. Well, you are going to get some steps which you get to take. And, here are My Michaels Visit survey steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the  Website

The very first thing which you get to do is to go to the Survey website. You know, it is important for each of you to start going to MyMichaelsVisit.com. In this case, you must get your smartphone, an internet browser, as well as the internet connection. And then, you can start launching the browser and go to the proper page.

  • Step 2: Change A Language

In case you all don’t understand the default language which is English, you can start changing it into other languages. Not to mention, you are going to get two other languages available. First is Spanish, and the second one is the French language. In order to change the languages, you just get to click on the links under the “Start” button.

  • Step 3: Fill Out the Survey Code

Friends, you can also start checking out your receipt. You know, you must get the Survey code on the receipt. Well, it is important for each of you to start filling out the code on the page. Yes, you get to ensure that survey code is all correct.

  • Step 4: Click on “Start”

After that, you can give a try to click on the “Start” button. Well, it is going to be great as it is the button which can lead you all to get the coupons.

  • Step 5: Give Ratings on Survey Questions

And then, it is the best time for each of you to give a try to provide your last visit experience. Not to mention, there must be some survey questions. Yes, you get to provide the answers by giving the ratings. You know, you can freely give the good or bad ratings based on your last experience. Indeed, the questions must be about the product, employees, location, as well as the service.

  • Step 6: Leave the Feedback

Right now, you can give a try to start leaving some feedback. You know, you can freely start leaving the  suggestions, comments, as well as the complaints. As long as all of you are being honest, it is all okay.

  • Step 7: Earn the Coupon Code

And the last, it is the ending part of the Michael’s Survey. You all must know that you are going to get the Coupon Code. Yes, it is important for each of you to start writing the coupon code on your receipt. Now, it is all up to you whether you are going to use it in store. Or, you can also start using the coupon online at its official website. Enjoy redeeming your free craft coupons for the rewards!

What are Michaels Guest Survey Qualifications and Rules?

Friends, you may get no idea about the Company which has set some rules for all of you. You know, you get to obey the survey rules in order to get the free craft coupon. In this case, each of you must start obeying the rules, which are:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for the Survey

At the first step, you get to know that it is a must for all of you to be eligible. In this case, you all must be 18 years old at the minimum. And then, it is also important for you all to be the legal citizen of America. More to obey, you mustn’t be a part of employees because Michaels survey is for the customers only.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join the Survey

Second, it is about getting the things which you get to prepare. Not to mention, you must start getting the smartphone. And then, it is also important for each of you to get the internet browser like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Yes, you must go online by preparing the internet connection which must be stable.

  • Get the Valid Receipt

Besides the online tools, it is also important that each of you get the receipt. Well, you must give a try to get the valid receipt by going to the store and purchase an item.

  • Save the Coupons

The last, it is a must that you save the coupon code which you get from the survey page. You know, without the Coupon code, you won’t be able to get any rewards. In case you get more than one coupon, you must start using them in different transactions. No doubt, you can start using the coupons online or in store.

What are Michael’s Survey Rewards and Prizes?

Some of you may have got the free craft coupons. Here, you can start using it by seeking for the closest store. Indeed, you can also start using the coupons online by going to the official website. Yes, you just get to use the correct  coupon code in order to get some rewards. You know, the rewards can be in the form of  discount off or maybe free item.

Brief about Michaels Corporate Profile

Friends, don’t you know that Michaels is a chain of the retail company from America. You know, Michael J. Dupey is the companies founders. For information, he opened the first store in 1973. At the Stores, you are going to get some American arts as well as crafts. In case you are going to the headquarters, you can start going to Irving, Texas. And, so far, there are for about 1,262 stores locations in the United States of America.

How to Seek for the Nearest Locations?

Well, you have been leaning a lot about Michaels survey and its coupons. Now, it is also great that you start seeking some closest Michael’s stores. You know, you can start checking out the list of locations via online. They are:

  • Use the Store Locator

Yes, the first way, you all can start using the store locator which is reachable on its official website. You know, you are going to get the locations by providing your zip code. No doubt, you can start going to  store which you want.

  • Seek on Google Map

Well, you can also start seeking on Google Map or Google search engine. You know, you can start seeking Michaels Near Me. Yes, you must also get the filters which you can start to use. They can be the hours, ratings, reviews, as well as the directions. Now, you can freely try to go to the stores which you want.

  • Install the App

The last one, you can also start using the application which you get on the application store. You know, the features are similar to the website. Yes, you are going to get the service of the online store or its physical store. No doubt, you can start going to the closest store in order to purchase an item.

List of Michaels Stores in the United States of America

In case you are too lazy to search, you can also give a try to check out this table. You know, all of you are going to get the info of the hours, store phone numbers, as well as the lists of locations. Here the table is:

Michaels Store LocationMichaels Store Phone NumberMichaels Store Hours (Open/Close)
Syracuse, NY, United States+1 315-849-0920Opens 9 AM
West Chester Township, OH, United States+1 513-759-9410Opens 9 AM
Reston, VA, United States+1 703-736-0530Opens 9 AM
Tulsa, OK, United States+1 918-445-2224Closes ⋅ 9PM
Broken Arrow, OK, United States+1 918-505-7960Closes ⋅ 9PM
Joplin, MO, United States+1 417-659-8703Closes ⋅ 9PM
Santa Ana, CA, United States+1 714-352-0499Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Latham, NY, United States+1 518-213-3083Opens 9 AM
Carmel, IN, United States+1 317-580-9200Opens 9 AM
New York, NY, United States+1 646-259-3911Closes ⋅ 10PM
Los Angeles, CA, United States+1 310-479-1293Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Cambridge, MA, United States+1 617-499-0925Opens 9 AM
Woodside, NY, United States+1 718-371-0480Opens 9 AM
Albuquerque, NM, United States+1 505-299-4007Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
East Hanover, NJ, United States+1 973-887-3024Opens 9 AM
Palm Springs, CA, United States+1 760-325-2277Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Chula Vista, CA, United States+1 619-425-0209Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Scarborough, ME, United States+1 207-883-8419Opens 9 AM
Houston, TX, United States+1 713-662-0913Closes ⋅ 9PM
Springfield, OR, United States+1 541-988-0506Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Austin, TX, United States+1 512-328-6142Closes ⋅ 9PM
Issaquah, WA, United States+1 425-369-9301Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Brick, NJ, United States+1 732-963-0361Opens 9 AM
Natick, MA, United States+1 508-652-8054Opens 9 AM
Tampa, FL, United States+1 813-835-0005Opens 9 AM
Silver Spring, MD, United States+1 301-844-6732Opens 9 AM
Stamford, CT, United States+1 203-978-0026Opens 9 AM
Coral Springs, FL, United States+1 954-344-1383Opens 9 AM
Frisco, TX, United States+1 972-464-1805Closes ⋅ 9PM
Walnut, CA, United States+1 909-869-1043Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Elk Grove, CA, United States+1 916-691-1195Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Schaumburg, IL, United States+1 847-517-2622Closes ⋅ 9PM
Scottsdale, AZ, United States+1 480-362-1010Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Seekonk, MA, United States+1 508-336-4101Opens 9 AM
Falls Church, VA, United States+1 703-237-6229Opens 9 AM
Rowland Heights, CA, United States+1 626-965-9336Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Downers Grove, IL, United States+1 630-812-1305Closes ⋅ 9PM
Tustin, CA, United States+1 714-259-0673Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
San Jose, CA, United States+1 408-274-6772Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Northborough, MA, United States+1 508-393-8234Opens 9 AM

How to Get in Touch with the Customer Care Service?

Friends, some of you have shared your last visit to Michael’s customer service. And now, you may start guessing that you need to get in touch with the customer service. Of course, you can freely try the following contacts to ask the questions. Or, you can also start giving feedback like giving the suggestions, complaints, and so on. Well, here are the contacts:

  • Social Networks

You know, it is good to start checking out the social networks. They can be Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Besides, you can also start going to Twitter or Google+.

  •  Corporate Office Address

Second, you must be glad to start going to the office or maybe write a letter. Yes, you can try to send it to 8000 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, Teas 75063, USA.

  • The Hours
DaysHours (Open)Hours (Close)
  • Corporate Office Phone Number

Besides, you can also freely try to call the phone number which is reachable at (530) 221-3310 5138. In this case, you all must start calling the phone number in its proper hours. Yes, the official team won’t be available beyond these hours.

  • Website

The last, you can also start going to the website which is reachable at Michaels.com. So that you know, info which you can try to get is like the Coupons, Hours, and Locations. Or, in case you get to know more about the Careers, Classes, Coupons 2018, and its Store Hours, you can also get it on the website.

Yes, Michaels Survey is another name of MyMichaelsVisit. In this case, the Companies want to start giving some Michaels Rewards. No doubt, you must get the Coupon Code or Crafts Coupons from the survey. And, you can start using the Coupon Code in store or take the Coupons Online. Enjoy filling out the survey and enjoy the your Coupons!

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