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Morrison’s Hours of Operation

Hi, Friends! It is time to shop for Morrisons Clothes because there are a lot of Morrisons Offers. Somehow, it will be annoying if you come to the store earlier, or even later then you find out its closed. But now, you should not worry about it as we will discuss Morrison’s Hours of Operation. Even, some of Morrison’s Supermarkets have different hours. So that is why, you may need to access Morrisons near me then get the details information about each location. Well, Friends! Are you ready for this pleasure?

What is Morrisons?

Alright, before talking about Morrison’s Hours in detail, it will be good if you try to get more details about Morrison’s Company at first. Anyway, Morrison is the United Kingdom Supermarket which is headquarters in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. In 1899, William Morrison founded the early first Morrison’s Store in Bradford. So that you know, Morrison’s is the number four of the largest supermarket chain in the UK. Approximately, it operates for more than 498 stores. If you need to get more details about Morrison’s Retail Store, you are better to visit its official website at Portal.

Morrisons Hours Details
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What Can You Buy at Morrisons Supermarket?

Then, you need to know that Morrison’s Supermarket sells the various products that will help your daily life. Indeed, it offers various discounts to help you get the affordable price of the high-quality of Morrison’s Products. Anyway, here the list items that you can buy at Morrisons, those are:

  • Food and Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Groceries
  • Family Apparels
  • Books and Magazines
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Movie and Music
  • Fresh Items
  • Home and Garden
  • Health and Medicine
  • Beauty Aids
  • Bakery and Cakes
  • Flowers
  • Pet Supplies
  • Toys and Entertainment
  • Household
  • And, cleaning appliances.

What are Morrison’s Hours?

So, Guys! Morrison’s Hours is the time where you are able to enjoy the shopping experiences at all of Morrison’s Locations. It is the timeframe when Morrisons serve you and give all its best for all its loyal Customers. For your information, Morrison’s Hours of Operation is totally the same in all locations. So that’s why, you should not hesitate to come as long as you know one of the details of Morrisons Hours in the United Kingdom. And for the rest, here the lists of Morrison’s Hours in detail, those are:

DaysOpen HoursClose Hours
Morrison's Hours, Morrisons near me, Morrison's Holiday Hours 2019
Morrison’s Hours Lists are Captured from Morrison’s Store Finder at

Is Morrison Open Today?

Yes! Once you get Morrison’s Official Website, you are going to find out “Food, Drinks and More to your Door” as its mottos. Anyway, it is not just a motto because Morrison’s are committed to giving you more products, discounts as well as more time. And today, you are better to come to Morrisons Supermarket and shop anything you need.

What Time does Morrison’s Store Open?

As we have mentioned above, Morrison’s Store Open is fully the same at all of Morrison’s Locations. In this case, you can go to the store at 7:00 AM Local Time. But on Sunday, it may start the operation at 10:00 AM Local Time. Of course, it is better to come to the store earlier to get ready with your shopping lists. Indeed, it will be easy for you to get Morrison’s Discount Offers.

What Time does Morrison’s Store Close?

For the next, you will be satisfied with shopping at Morrisons Store because it closes the operation at 10:00 PM Local Time. But again, you should be aware when visiting Morrison’s Store on Monday. Even, most the stores close the operation at 4:00 PM Local Time.

What is Morrison’s Holiday Hours 2019?

Anyway, you should not worry that Morrison’s Hours are opened for seven days of operation. Even, it still opens the store although it is a holiday session. In no doubt, you can come to its stores anytime because it only closes the store on Christmas Day. Besides it, some holiday hours may impact on Morrison’s Hours in general. Yes, Friends!  They may start the operation later than its normal opening hours. Otherwise, it also closes the operation earlier than its normal closing hours.

What is Morrisons Near Me?

For the next, you should know that Morrisons near me is the simple way to locate the nearest Morrison’s Locations. But not only about the location, but this feature also helps you to get the specific Morrison’s Hours as well as the local customer service phone numbers. Indeed, Morrison’s near me access is the simple process where you are going to be easy to get the detail happening coupons, offers, and ads.

How to Access Morrisons near me?

Anyway, you can access Morrisons near me in three simple ways. Take it easy, it will not need any complicated requirements, process or even rules. Basically, you need to provide the electronic device such as a smartphone or computer set, the current version of the browser including the stable internet connection. When everything is ready, here the ways to access Morrisons near me, such as:

  • Way 1: Install Morrison’s App

First of all, you can install the Morrisons Mobile Application. Sure, this app supports the Android and Apple Device. You can get the app at Google Play Store, I-Store or even access at Once you get the app, you need to install, confirm the notification and then run the app on your personal device. Finally, you can click at “Store Locator” and type down the state and city or even give the postal codes.

  • Way 2: Access to Google Map

Of course, all of us are familiar with the function of Google Maps. Anyway, this app will be very helpful to locate some important locations and places on this earth. Once you get its search bar, you can type down “Morrisons near me” or even look for the specific city. Even you don’t have the app, you can visit Portal. Simply, you will receive the lists of Morrison’s Locations including the detail of Morrison’s Hours and customer service phone numbers.

  • Way 3: Use Morrison’s Store Locator

For the rest, when you visit, you can click at “Store Locator.” Once you get the page, you can state the city or postal code then click at the “Search” button. Anyway, we are going to give you a few lists of Morrison’s Locations in the United Kingdom, and those are:

AddressHoursPhone Numbers
Wainfleet Rd, Skegness PE25 3QT, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1754 760297
Bridge St, Dover CT16 1RA, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1304 203452
16 Hawley St, Margate CT9 1PR, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 8AM+44 1843 209402
Beach St, Herne Bay CT6 5PU, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1227 363890
148 Cheriton Rd, Folkestone CT19 5JS, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1303 251587
10 Ten Perch Rd, Canterbury CT1 3TQ, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1227 764663
1 North Ln, Faversham ME13 7DY, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1795 538986
1 Besford Rd, Liverpool L25 2RD, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 151 487 7937
399 Edgware Rd, London NW9 0AS, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 20 8712 1176
30 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B15 1TR, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 121 456 1492
43-67 High St, West Drayton UB7 7QQ, UKOpen ⋅ Closes 11PM+44 1895 432714
1 Spruce Dr, Totton, Southampton SO40 8AD, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 23 8086 4981
19 Munro Rd, Stirling FK7 7SR, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1786 448231
17 Union St, Heckmondwike WF16 0HD, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1924 410014
5 Alexander rd, Aldershot GU11 1NX, UKClosed ⋅ Opens 7AM+44 1252 331872

How to Contact Morrison’s Customer Service?

Somehow, you need to contact Morrison’s Customer Service to share any questions, complaints as well as shopping’s reviews. And, here the ways to get them:

  • At first, you can call at 0354-611-6111 for any inquiries about the store, food orders, and coupon discounts.
  • Then, you can call at 0354-322-000 for the Online Shopping Details.
  • Or, you can phone at 0845-611-5000 for any questions about General and Corporate details.
  • At last, you are able to send a letter to Morrison’s Customer Service Department at PO Box WM Morrisons Supermarkets PLC Hilmore House, Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL.

How to Win £1000 Morrison’s Voucher Discount?

So that you know, you can win £1000 Morrison’s Voucher by taking part at Morrisons is Listening Survey Contest. This survey helps you to share the complaints, feedback or even reviews about your previous shopping experiences. To win this prize, here the steps are:

  • Step One:

First of all, you get to go to the survey website which is reachable at Www.MorrisonsisListening.Co.UK. Indeed, you need to start preparing your smartphone complete with the internet browser and connection. Later, you can try to go to that site first.

  • Step Two:

And then, if you get the survey homepage, you can start to get your receipt. For the next, you can try to check out the receipt in order to get the survey entry number. If you see, your survey code has 14 numbers. No doubt, you get to fill out the code correctly.

  • Step Three:

If you have done filling out the visit date, you can continue by filling out the visit date. No doubt, you can also start to check out your receipt. Yes, it is reachable under the survey entry code.

  • Step Four:

Also, along with the visit date, you also get to fill out the visit time. Still, you are going to check out that detail on your receipt.

  • Step Five:

So, all of you have filled out all the data. Now, you can try to click on the “Start” button. Yes, you are going to get into the survey portal if you filled out the correct data.

  • Step Six:

Alright! You have got into Morrison’s survey. Of course, you are going to get some questions. Indeed, the survey questions are about your last shopping experience at the supermarket. In this case, you can freely give good or bad ratings based on your satisfaction level. For instance, they can be about the products, service, location, and so on.

  • Step Seven:

If you have done with giving the ratings, you can start leaving your feedback. Not to mention, you all can leave the complaints, suggestions, as well as the critics.

  • Step Eight:

Indeed, each of you has completed filling out the survey. It means that you are in the ending part of the survey. You know, you are going to get the offer whether you are willing to take part in the sweepstakes or not. If in case you get interested, you can start to take part in the sweepstakes to win the voucher. But, you can also try to submit the survey and quit if in case you get no interests.

  • Step Nine:

And the last, let’s say all of you take part in the sweepstakes. Yes, you must fill out your personal information. You know, the supermarket official team is going to contact you if you win the prize. Yes, some of the data include your full name, phone number, email address, home address, and so on.

So, Friends! It is all about Morrison’s Hours and steps to win £1000 Morrison’s Voucher from Morrisons Guest Survey Contest. Thanks for reading and enjoy your shopping time at Morrisons!

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