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Hello, Shopping Lovers! Are you planning to go shopping for any food and groceries items? Then, shopping at Sobeys Store can be a nice idea. You know, you are able to win $1000 cash every month because of My Sobeys Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Program. You can purchase any things, receive the Sobeys Receipt, and visit Portal. You don’t need to worry as it will waste your time as Sobeys Survey takes five minutes only. And in the end, you can be happy because the $1000 cash reward is waiting for you. So, Friends! You don’t even need to think twice, and please stay tuned to get our simple tips and steps to complete the survey without getting any difficult problems. Are you ready to be the winners?

What is My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes?

Well, we will start this post with the general overview of My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Program. Like we have mentioned before, My Sobeys Survey is the special customer survey program that is held by Sobeys Incorporation. It is the platform where the company can know what the customer’s feeling and expect for the next Sobeys performance or services. Even, the customers can feel free to state the complaints or feedback related to their previous shopping experiences. In this occasion, the customers should not hesitate to give any negative complaints even it will help the company to revise the weakness and improve the customers’ satisfaction with the other awesome program and services.

My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes
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To take part in My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes, each customer should visit one of the nearest Sobeys Locations and get the valid receipt. Through that receipt, they can enter Portal to take the online survey entrance. Or, you are able to call Sobeys Customer Service to access the dialing survey services. Then, to obtain the second survey entrance, you can call the team at 1-866-215-9006. Fortunately, the second survey type will not require any purchasing so you can be free to get this number whenever you need to share the complaints.

My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Guidelines
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Who is Eligible to Take Part in My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes?

Friends, Sobeys Survey is the best program where you can win $1000 cash every month just by completing a short survey questionnaire. Of course, several qualifications will make a participant eligible to win that prize. If you have matched with these qualifications, you don’t need to think twice and directly take the Portal. So, here the qualifications are:

  • At first, My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes is valid for only the Canadian Residences.
  • Once you access the online survey site, you must be more than 18 years old.
  • Next, Sobeys Employees, Sponsors, Subsidiaries and their immediate families are not eligible to take part in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey Program.
  • And then, you must visit one of the nearest Sobeys Locations and it must not over than seven days at the date of you taking the survey. Of course, you must be able to show the valid receipt including the detail of the date and time of visit.
  • At last, you are eligible to understand the basic use of English or French.

What are the Rules in My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Program?

And, it is the time to know about Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules. However, you are better to make sure that you agree with the rules and get ready to obey them when you take part at Survey Portal. So with no talk too much, here the following rules that you must abide by with, those are:

  • About the Entrance Procedures

First thing first, you have to limit one survey entrance every month per the same household. Once you access the survey site, you are obligated to complete all questions without skipping the sections.

  • The Prize draw

Sobeys Customer Service will choose a winner every month, and they apply the random drawing selection. So that’s why your amount of purchasing will not impact the winning’s possibilities. You have to know that Sobeys Winner’s decision is final where no one can interrupt it.

  • The Winner’s Responsibility

When you get a chance to win $1000 Cash from My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Program, you will receive one message notification via phone or email. At that time, you must respond to it within seven business days and claim your reward instead. Once you miss this section, you will lose the chance to win the reward and Sobeys Teams will choose the other potential winners.

  • The Prize Distribution

For the rest, you have to be patient as Sobeys Team will distribute your reward via mail-in. In many cases, it takes for about four weeks. Friends, you are responsible for any telecommunication and technical problems. So, it is better to make sure that you give the correct and detail mail-in address, email, and phone numbers.

What Must We Prepare to Access Portal?

Alright! You have known the details of rules and qualifications. And now, you should not waste your time and get ready with some helpful devices. Yes, you can start taking My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes and win your monthly prize. So, Guys! Here the devices are:

  • First of all, you have to own the valid Sobeys Receipt which has several numbers of store numbers and all details of your visit.
  • The second, you are able to access this online survey even if you have the set of computer, laptop, tablet or even Android or Apple Device.
  • And next, you must set the latest version of the internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • At last, you must have a strong and stable internet connection.

The Steps to Complete My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes

Well, you have got ready with the devices, and it is your time to start completing My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Program. In this case, there are several steps that you can follow to complete the program in a quick way. But, when you have been experienced with it, you are free to complete the survey with your own way. And for the survey beginners, here the simple steps for you:

  • Step One:

First of all, you can be ready with your internet browser. Then, you can directly access Portal.

  • Step Two:

For the next, you are able to choose the survey language instruction. Like we have stated before, you can use either English or Spanish.

  • Step Three:

After that, you can click at the “Next” arrow and mention 4-digit of Sobeys Store Numbers. You can get these codes at the bottom side of your receipt. You need to confirm about the store that you have recently visited. If it is correct, you can tap on the “Next” arrow.

  • Step Four:

And next, you are obligated to mention 4-digit of Transaction Numbers. Of course, it is also available on your Sobeys Receipt. The Next requirement is about to select the date and time of your previous visit.

  • Step Five:

Friends, you will get the link where you can get the detail of My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Privacy Policy. You can visit this link or even skip it then continue to the next section.

  • Step Six:

Welcome to the first survey section! In this case, you will get the first Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey Section. In this case, you can rate on the range of scores based on the appeared statements. The range comes from one to ten where it shows your satisfaction level. You only need to tap on the score and click on “Next” to get the next section.

  • Step Seven:

After completing the rate of like-scale statements, you will get a chance to type down your descriptive opinion and feedback about your previous shopping experiences. Contest Portal will give you space up to 1200 characters only.

  • Step Eight:

And, you will get a chance to take the sweepstakes and win $1000 cash at the end of the month. But, when you don’t need this prize and feel satisfied by sharing the survey, you are free to skip the sweepstakes and quit from portal. Anyway, in the sweepstakes section, you need to complete some info, and it talks about your personal information such as name, address, email, and phone numbers.

  • Step Nine:

It is the last section of My Sobeys Survey and Sweepstakes. So, you can quit from the page then get ready to set up the phone. In this case, you have to ensure that your phone is nearby and handy so you can give the fast responses for any notifications.

What is the My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes Troubleshooting?

Yes, we realize that some possible issues may disturb your survey entrance. But, you should not panic as they are not a big problem while you can solve it within less a minute. And, here the kinds of possible issues are:

  • The poor internet connection
  • The old version of the internet browser
  • Portal Server Busy
  • The wrong store numbers and transaction codes
  • Or, the in-complete entrance requirements.

If you need to ask all things related to Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey and Troubleshooting, you can send an email at

About Sobeys Retail Company Profile at Glance

After getting all the details about the Sobeys Customer Survey and Sweepstakes Program, it is going to be nice if we discuss Sobeys Company Profile. As all we know. Sobeys is number two of the largest food retailer in Canada. In recent 2018, it operated for over than 1500 stores in Canada. Even, Sobeys run the business under the authority of the Empire Company. So that you know, Sobeys was founded by John William in 1907. The early first Sobeys Store was built in Stellarton Canada as it now becomes the headquarter location.

And, that’s all about My Sobeys Guest Survey Sweepstakes at Portal. We will be glad hearing you win $1000 Sobeys gift card from this program. Of course, you can be free to shop many things at Sobeys Locations without worrying about your budget. Thanks for reading and enjoy your survey!

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