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Everyone must know about Nike. This sportswear brand is popular worldwide. Perhaps, ths one is your favorite brand. If you like purchasing the product, you should miss taking part in Mynikevisit-na survey. This customer satisfaction survey can reward you a Nike promotional code. This code can serve as Nike coupon worth $5. Then, you can use this coupon at your next visit. This way you can buy a product you like at the lower price. So, you do not want to miss this golden opportunity, do you? Simply keep your Nike receipt and do the guideline on this article.

About Nike

For your information, Nike is not just a sportswear brand. It is also becoming the fashion for some people. They wear Nike products as their everyday use and style. No doubt, the corporate always innovate their products. This company not only creates stylish products but also the comfortable ones. With this innovation, the customers can get satisfied. Then, to know how satisfied the customers are with their products, conducts Mynikevisit survey. before talking about Nike survey, let’s discuss the company.

Mynikevisit-na survey
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Nike is the American company which focuses on manufacturing and marketing the footwear and apparel. This company is also known as the biggest sportswear brand. Besides, it also produces sports equipment, services, and accessories. Headquartered in Oregon, the brand can expand its business worldwide. No doubt, this corporate can be the most precious brand in the sports business.

This brand is established by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. In the beginning, the name of this company is Blue Ribbon Sports. Then, in 1971, the founders change its name to become Nike. This name is taken from the name of Goddess of Victory in Greek. As the big company, this corporate has several brands. For instance, it has Nike Pro, Nike Golf, Nike Blazer, Air Jordan, Air Max, Nike Dunk, etc. Besides, it also has a subsidiary company. As the example, this one also owns Converse and Brand Jordan. But, this corporate does not only manufacture its own products. But, it also operates many retail stores. Furthermore, the brand is well-known for its trademark Just Do It.

The Rules of MyNikevisit-na Survey

Most people will trash the purchase receipt after the transaction. They never think that keeping the receipt can give them a reward. As the example, after purchasing the products, you should not throw away your receipt. Check your receipt. Then, you will find a survey invitation to enter the survey. This way, you can turn receipt into Nike coupon as the reward of the survey. Just complete the short survey within five minutes. The next, you can receive Nike validation code valued $5 off. With this coupon discount, you can purchase the cheaper product at the store.

Before accessing the survey, you should find out the rules of this survey. This way, you can obey all the rules. Then, as a result, you ca grab the coupon without any trouble. For your convenience, we have summarized the rules of Nike Visit survey.

  • My Nike Visit-na eligibility.

Not all customers of this sports store can enter the Nike survey. they have to be eligible for this survey. first, you should note that this survey is only for the citizen who lives legally in the US. The next, the minimum age of the survey takers must be 13 years old.  The next, the employees of the store are not eligible to participate in this survey. It is because the corporate wants to receive honest feedback from its customers. So, if the staff has the receipt, they can enter the survey. But, they will not be able to get the reward.

  • Nike survey requirements.

If you want to access the survey portal, you have to meet the requirements below. First, you need a valid receipt from the store. This receipt contains Mynikevisit-na survey code. But, you have to make sure that your survey code is still valid. This receipt can expire within seven days of purchasing. So, you have to complete My Nike guest satisfaction survey as soon as possible. Besides, other requirements you need are a PC along with the fast internet signal. The last, preparing an email address is also necessary. Sometimes, this survey portal asks the survey takers to provide their email address.

  • My Nike Visit survey reward.

When you complete NikeVisit survey, the website will ask you to submit your email address. It is because the official team will send the coupon via email. So, after completing the survey at the official survey portal, you have to check your email inbox. Then, you will find a $5 coupon discount. But, you should notice that the value of the coupon may vary. It depends on the survey period. Sometimes you can get $10 gift card as the reward. Then, if you are lucky, the corporation may give you $20 coupon. But, in this period, the corporate offers $5 off as the reward of the survey.

  • Nike survey rules.

Here are some rules about Nike customer satisfaction survey. Make sure that you do not ignore every single rule. So, you can grab the interesting reward with ease. Check out the rules below.

  1. You have to enter the survey within seven days of purchasing some products.
  2. Then, you will receive a promotion code valued at $5.
  3. This coupon is redeemable in all locations. As the example, you can redeem this reward at Niketown, Nike Store, Nike Factory Store, or Nike Clearance Store.
  4. You cannot use this coupon online. So, even you have this coupon, you will not get the discount if you purchase the product via online.
  5. Yes, the official team does not let you redeem this coupon with other offers or coupons.
  6. You cannot redeem your coupon discount for cash.
  7. Make sure that you claim this reward within 60 days.
  8. Every person can only redeem one coupon in a day.
  9. This coupon is only valid for the selected items. You cannot use this survey reward code to purchase the gift card, Apple products, as well as the launch products.
  10. The survey team forbids the customers to copy the gift card or the promotional card. Besides, the team is also not responsible for the stolen or lost coupon code.
MyNikevisit-Na Nike Survey for $5 Nike coupons
MyNikevisit-Na Survey Steps Guides
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Simple Steps to Complete MyNikevisit-na Survey

Mynikevisit-na survey is very simple to complete. You only need a little effort to do all the survey steps. Even you access Nike Visit survey for the first time, you will be easy to do the instructions. It is because the official website has a very simple design. All the instructions are also understandable. Within five minutes, you will be able to complete all the survey steps. So, if you want gift card valued $5, you have to allocate a little of your time. Besides, make sure that you have prepared all the Nike survey requirements. When you have prepared everything needed for this survey, you are ready to do the instructions below. Here are the steps of the survey.

  • Visit Mynikevisit-na website.

Use your browser to access Nike official survey portal. Just type or Do not forget to activate the Cookie as well as the JavaScript setting on your browser.

  • Select the language.

Yes, the survey website allows the survey takers to choose the website’s languages. There are four languages available. Most of the survey takers may select English. But you are also allowed to select three other languages. As the example, you can take the survey by using French, Spanish, or Chinese.

  • Write down Nike survey code.

In order to start the survey, you have to input the survey code. Check the receipt you get from the store. Is there any survey invitation code? Usually, this code has 15 – 20 digits. Since the code is long, you have to enter it one by one correctly. If you enter the wrong code, you will not be able to start the survey. if your survey code is not valid, you will see an alert on your screen. You should not include any hyphen or space when you write down this survey code.

  • Respond My Nike Visit-na survey questions.

Once your survey code is correct and valid, you can start the survey. You will receive a series of questionnaires. Most of these questions are close-ended questions. So, you just need to select the answer from the options provided. Besides, the survey also asks you to rate some aspects of their business. Moreover, this survey lets the survey takes to explain their feedback in the comment section. When you respond to this survey, you have to recall your shopping experience at Nike store. This way, you can provide an honest response. Remember that your feedback is important for the improvement of the store you visited.

  • Provide your contact details.

Other customer surveys may immediately give the validation after the survey. But, Nike Visit survey is different.  The team will send the survey reward via email. So, you have to provide the contact information at the end of the survey. For instance, you should write your name along with your email address. So, every survey taker must have an email address. Without the email address, they can only take the survey without receiving the survey reward. You should not doubt to give your contact details. It is because the store will respect your privacy. The official team will not share your contact details with other companies. Furthermore, the brand will not send any promotional email without your agreement.

That’s all the simple steps to accomplish this interesting survey. That’s very simple guideline, isn’t it? after doing this survey, you can check your inbox. Usually, the corporation will send the coupon to your email within four up to eleven business days. But, if you do not get your coupon after 11 days, you should report this problem to the Customer service. You can complain by phone or email. Just call 800 806 6453 to speak up with the representative staff. But, if you want to send a complaint email, you can send it to

How to Reach Nike Customer Service

Do not doubt to access if you want to find out any info about the company. Yes, it is is the official website of the store. Through this website, you can explore any details about the corporate. As the example, you can search the store location as well as careers. You can even buy some products online. This website has the features to check your order status, shipment, and payment. So, you can purchase any items conveniently. The site also allows the customers to get in touch with the customer service. Through Contact menu, you can contact the customer relations whenever you need help.

Besides, there are some other ways to get in touch with Nike. Check out some methods below. Then, select one of these methods you think as the most effective one.

  • By phone.

Most people prefer calling customer service when they face any problem. This way, they can convey any questions or feedback. The phone number is 001-803-65-6453. Yes, the Customer Relations staff is available from Monday to Friday. Luckily, they are ready to answer your questions 24 hours.

  • Live chat.

Luckily, the brand also offers Live Chat with its customer support staff. Just visit the official site to find Live chat menu. You can chat to ask everything about the corporate. As the example, you can ask about the products, special offers, survey, and so on. Unfortunately, this Live Chat menu is not available every day. You only can chat the staff from Monday to Friday at 8 am up to 5 pm.

  • Email.

You can write an email to the office through the website. But, before submitting your email, you have to select the topic you want to talk about. Here is the detail of submitting the email here.

  1. Visit the official site. then, select Contact Us menu which is available at the bottom part of the website.
  2. Select the topic. Four topics are available. As the example, you can select Online Shopping. Besides, other topics are about product information, NRC & NTC, or Nike, Inc Corporate.
  3. Fill out the email form.
  4. Write down your email address. Entering your email address is important. This way, you can receive the response from the company. The next, to confirm your email account, you have to re-type it on the next box.
  5. Indicate the topic question. Write the topic as the email subject. The next, you can choose the email category. For instance, you can select Exchange/return, Cancel your order, Find or purchase the product. Besides, you may ask about product info as well as track your online order.
  6. Enter your question. Make sure that you write down the specific question.
  7. Write down the order number if necessary. Entering the order number is a must if your question is about the online order. So, the official team can assist you to track the order.
  8. Attach any required documents. In order to support your question or complaint, you have to provide the evidence. For example, you enclose the payment slip. Besides, you have to notice that the size of your file should not exceed 20 MB.
  9. Send your email.
  10. Wait for the reply from the corporate.

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