Mysubwaycard Registration – Activation Guideline for My Subway Card Holder

My Subway Card Guides 2019

Mysubwaycard is a portal in which all cardholders can manage their card. Both the holder of gift card and eGift card can access this website easily. As long as they have done Mysubwaycard registration, they can explore My Subway Card website. If you like visiting Subway restaurant, you must have a Subway gift card. You can buy it or receive this card from other people. No matter how you get this card, you should registration register page. This way you can activate or sign up your card for the first time. After activation, you are free to use your card. Besides, you are also allowed to manage this card through online.

About Mysubwaycard Registration

If you have no idea about Mysubwaycard and Subway gift card, lets talk about it first. You know, the gift card comes in two forms. First, the restaurant issues a physical gift card . You can purchase this gift card at the official site. Besides, the restaurant also has eGift card. It is the digital or virtual version of the gift card. So, you do not have to bring any card when you go to the restaurant. You can use eGift card by using the app on your phone. You can use both gift card and eGift card in all participation. Yes, the card is available in wide range of denomination. For instance, you can buy the gift card with the balance $5, $20, $30, up to $500.

Mysubwaycard Registration
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The gift card here is reloadable. So, it makes you easier to pay your meal. When you run out of the card balance, you can reload it by accessing the login page. Luckily, Subway card does not have the expiration date as well as the fee. So, you can use this card for the transaction conveniently. Furthermore, this card does not make you easy to pay the transaction. But, this gift card also enables you to earn the reward. Just collect the reward points. Then, you can claim the certain menu items as the reward. If you are still curious about this card, you can continue reviewing this page.

MySubwayCard Registration
MySubwayCard Registration Step by Step

The Benefits of Having My Subway Card

Nowadays, paying the meal by cash seems very outdated. Most customers use a credit card or a gift card as the tool of payment. Paying your transaction by using a gift card is very practical and simple. You just need to purchase the gift card issued by the restaurant you visit. So, if you frequently go to Subway restaurant, you should have My Subway Card gift card. This gift card is different from other restaurant’s gift card. It is because the restaurant offers the reward program. This way, you can earn the reward points. After accumulating the points, you can redeem it with the free item from the corporate.

So, what are the benefits of having My Subway card? Check out the explanation below. Every card holder will be able to enjoy the benefits below.

  • Get My Subway Card reward.

As stated before, the corporate has the reward program for the gift card holder. So, every time the customers use their gift card at the checkout, they will receive some points. The number of points they get depends on the amount they spend at the restaurant. So, when you spend more money to purchase the sandwich, you will be able to earn more points. Then, you have to collect these points. After that, you can claim the reward based on the numbers of points you have collected.

  • Earn My Subway Card points.

After completing the Mysubwaycard registration process, you will automatically receive 50 points. These points are redeemable with 6-inch Sub. So, you do not need to purchase menus to earn your first point. Once you receive the gift card or eGift card, you should register your card soon.

  • Reload My Subway Card gift card.

Not all gift cards are reloadable. But, luckily you can reload Subway gift card balance. When the card balance is running out, you cannot use it for the transaction. So, you need to reload the balance soon. Access the website to reload your card. Furthermore, you also can reload the balance at the restaurant. You can use the debit card, credit card, or cash. Moreover, if you have Subway App, you can reload your card instantly.

  • Get a new My Subway Card.

The biggest problem for all card holders is losing their card. Perhaps their card is stolen. When this case occurs to you, you should not be panic. The good news is that the restaurant will replace your card. You should report your problem to the Customer Service. Then, this restaurant will give you the new card within three weeks.

What are the Features of Subway Card?

Subway gift card is special. It is because the restaurant provides a special website called My Subway Card. Through the website, you can manage your card. You will not get this special service from other restaurants. Once you receive a card, you should process the registration at the card register page. After you accomplish the registration, you can start using your card. You also can try to manage your gift card online here.

For your information, your card has some features. The features of this website will help all card holders. So, what are the features of the website? Check this out.

  • Manage Subway card account.

The main purpose of the registration is to enable the cardholder to manage their account. To manage your card account, you should access the login page. Then, provide login credential to start managing your account.

  • Check Subway gift card balance.

The next feature of the website is checking your card balance. Before checking the balance, make sure that you have finished the registration. So, you must visit the sign up page to complete the registration process. Then, you can log into your account. After that, you can check your card balance whenever you want.

  • Get My Subway Card notification.

This is another feature of the card. The card holder will receive a notification from the corporate. The notification is about the special offer, coupon, and the exclusive deals from the restaurant. So, is having the gift card very beneficial? Definitely Yes. You will be able to update every special offers. Simply log into your card account and check what the special deals offered by the corporate.

  • Check My Subway Card points.

As stated before, you can earn some points every time you buy Subway menu items by using your gift card. So, you need to check how many points you have earned. It is necessary to do before you redeem your points. This way, you can know what menu items you can redeem. Having My Subway Card online account lets you check the reward points. Furthermore, you also can check your points through the official app.

Steps by Steps of Subway Card Registration

We have stated that you cannot use your gift card unless you have done the registration. So, once you get your card, you should access the sign up page. Before accessing the sign-up page, there are some requirements you should prepare. For instance, you need an email address. Besides, you also need the gift card number and PIN. Then, have you known the steps of the registration? If you have not, you can follow the procedure below.

  • Step 1. Go to My Subway Card official website.

You must enter the correct URL or website address of the official site. If you use a search engine to find this web address, you should be careful. It is because there many web addresses which are similar to the official one.

  • Step 2. Press the Register a Card button.

You have not registered your gift card. Besides, you also have not created an account yet. So, you should click on the option Register a Card. It is the way to begin the registration. Clicking this button will enable you to access a registration form.

  • Step 3. Fill out My Subway Card form with your contact details.

You know, the registration form requires your contact information. For example, you need to submit your email address. Then, the website also needs your phone number. You should be sure that the email account you register on this page is valid. It is because later you will use this email address to log into the site. On this step, you also need to set up a password.

  • Step 4. Respond to My Subway Card security question.

To protect your card account, you should answer some security questions. There are some questions available. But, you just need to choose one or two of them. Then, answer these questions with the answer which is easy to remember. This security question can help you in case you forget a password.

  • Step 5. Input My Subway Card number and PIN.

To complete this step, you need to check your Subway gift card. Try to find the gift card number. Also, enter the gift card PIN as well. Be sure that you enter the correct card number and PIN.

  • Step 6. Provide some personal details.

Yes, the site also requires your personal information. In this field, you need to write down your date of birth. Also, you should enter your address as well as the gender. After completing this registration form, it means your card is ready to use. You have accomplished the card activation process. Then, you can try to log into your account for the first time. If you can log into your account successfully, you can start managing your account.

How Can I Contact Subway Customer Service?

As a customer, of course, you want to get a special service. Then sometimes you have certain questions about restaurant service. In addition, you may experience events that interfere with your comfort. Some of these reasons can be your basis for complaining. In addition, you can also give criticism and suggestions to the restaurant. At this time the food business is very popular. Manufacturers compete to attract customers. Then they also try to understand the customer’s wishes. Thus, customers will still come and enjoy their service. Below is a way to keep you connected with the restaurant.

  1. You can use social media

At this time the use of social media is very popular. Do you have social media? If you have social media, then you can connect with the Restaurant. By using social media you can check out interesting offers and promotions of their products. In addition you can also order food through social media. So the restaurant also provides social media to be accessible to customers. They are trying to keep up with technology. In addition you can also submit your complaint through social media. Below is social media owned Subway Restaurant:

  1. Facebook:
  2. Instagram:
  3. Youtube:
  4. Twitter:
  5. Subculture:
  6. You can connect by phone

Calling by phone is the simplest way. Because you simply press the customer service number. Then you can express your opinion or question. Furthermore by using your phone you can submit your complaint directly. In addition you do not need to wait for the answer to your opinion. So if you have an urgent problem, you should try this way. Below is a the Restaurant phone number:


  1. You can leave a message on the website

Furthermore if you do not have social media, then you can use the website. On the website you can do many things. It is because there you can read a lot of information. Then you can also explore the services available. In addition you can find out the food menu served at the restaurant. But if you want to give feedback to the restaurant, you can try to leave messages on website. The following are parts of the service you may want to review:

  • The hospitality of the Restaurant Employee.
  • Cleanliness of the Restaurant.
  • The precision of serving the food in accordance with the order.
  • Speed service of the Restaurant.
  • Food prices.
  • Taste of food.
  • Facilities available at the Restaurant.
  • Maybe you want to tell your experience.

Below is how to give feedback on Subway Restaurant:

  • Visit Subway Restaurant’s official page.
  • Click on the contact us menu. The contact us menu is at the bottom of the first page.
  • On that page you have to choose between FAQ menu or Contact Us menu. Then You can ask questions through the FAQ. Because there you can see frequently asked questions by visitors. But you can ask another question. You simply select the category you want to ask.
  • Next, you can press on the contact us submenu. There you can see the submenu “Restaurant Feedback”. Then click on the sub menu “Restaurant Feedback”
  • Then you must enter the restaurant number on your receipt. So the company knows where you got the experience.
  • You need to enter the date and time when you visit the restaurant
  • Next, you have to enter your identity
  • Then you can give your opinion. You can give positive or negative comments. In addition you are provided 3000 characters to submit your experience. When you finish with your comment, click on the box “i’m not a robot”
  • Last, click on submit button.

Enjoy Using My Subway Card!

So, you all have got the information about My Subway Card. As you all can see, Subway gift card brings a lot of advantages and benefits. Not to mention, you can start to get some Subway gift cards for your beloved people. In this case, you just have to go to the Subway restaurant. And, you can also try to approach the official team. No doubt, they are going to offer you a lot of Subway gift card with various templates. They start from kids, occasional templates, and so on. And also, you can choose the balance based on the number you want.

Indeed, it is also okay for you to buy Subway gift card online. Simply, you just have to go to And then, you can choose the balance, template, and so on. Later, the official team is going to send Subway gift card to your mail address. If you want to manage your Subway gift card well, you just have to register to create My Subway Card account. Well, you have learned the guides for My Subway Card registration and even forgot password solution.

Well, if you have got your Subway card, you can start enjoying using it at all Subway locations. For instance, you can search for Subway Near Me to get the nearest Subway restaurant location. Whenever you make a transaction, the cashier must swipe your card on the machine. No doubt, you are going to get some points added to your Subway card. Enjoy collecting My Subway Card points and enjoy redeeming them for free Subway menu and discount off!

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