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MyZaxbysVisit Portal – Welcome

For all Zaxby’s customers, you all must get to know that sharing your dining experience or Zaxby’s Review to the official team is fun. Here, you can give a try to fill out MyZaxbysVisit survey by entering the official survey portal at You know, when you sent your review, you can take part in the sweepstakes for $15,000 prizes. Wow! Get ready for the awesome Www MyZabysVisit com sweepstakes prizes!

What is MyZaxbysVisit?

You all may get to know that MyZaxbysVisit is the official customer or guest satisfaction survey aimed for the customers’ happiness. You know, you can start to fill out My Zaxbys Visit survey and finish it in three minutes. At the survey page, you can give your honest review.

Of course, it must be your store visit or maybe Delivery. You know, there are some survey questions asked, and you must give the proper ratings. Yes, in short, Zaxbys survey allows you to evaluate your dining visit.

MyZaxbysVisit Survey and Zaxby's Sweepstakes for $1,000 and $1,500 Cash
MyZaxbysVisit Survey Step by Step Guide accessed from

If you see, you all can use your valid receipt to fill out the Zaxby survey. And, when you complete all steps, it is nice that you take part in My Zaxby’s Sweepstakes whether the daily or weekly program. You know, each of you can win $1,000 cash every day or maybe $1,500 cash every week. At the sweepstakes, you must find some offers, and you can choose one which you prefer.

What Steps to Take to Join MyZaxbysVisit Survey & Zaxby’s Sweepstakes?

You may be going to fill out the survey for the sake of taking part in My Zaxby’s sweepstakes. You know, you must find some steps which you must pass one by one section in order to take part in the sweepstakes. Anyway, here is the guideline for you:

  • Step 1: Go to Zaxby’s Survey Website

At the first step, you all can give a try to go to the survey website. So that you know, you must get your smartphone ready if you are willing to go online. Yes, you must check your internet connection and your browser. And then, you must go to this official site to get the official survey. You know, it is the only official website for Zaxbys survey.

  • Step 2: Fill Time of Zaxby’s Visit

Now, you reach the survey homepage, and you must be able to find out that you the blank field asks you to fill out the time of your dining visit. You know, on your receipt, you can get the time of visit as you can see from the sample. Yes, you can check the top part below the official logo.

  • Step 3: Fill Amount Spent

The next, all customers who are about to fill out the survey must fill out the money spent at the restaurant. You know, the amount which you spent is available on the receipt you get from the restaurant. If you check on your receipt, you will find it in the middle of the paper.

  • Step 4: Click on “Enter”

And you all have filled out the entire data for the survey. Now, you can start to click on the “Enter” button. You know, if you successfully get into the survey portal, you can continue. But, if you fail, you must recheck the data or even your online access.

  • Step 5: Give Ratings on MyZaxbysVisit Questions
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So, you get into the survey portal, and you must find those survey questions. Indeed, you don’t have to think too hard because simply, you should give the ratings. Yes, if you guess you like the answer, you can click on the answer. Automatically, you also give the ratings on the store which you visit. For example, the ratings will be about the menu, or even it is about the location and the service.

  • Step 6: Leave Zazbys Feedback and Zaxbys Review

And before you go to the ending part, you will find a field where you all can leave your feedback like complaints and other, other winner candidates review. Here, you need to know that the restaurant loves to receive your review. Well, the feedback which you leave at the survey will help the company to fix some problems. In short, the perspective of customers is valuable for the company.

  • Step 7: Earn MyZaxbysVisit Validation Code

Alright! At the ending part, you may submit your review and the survey. But, before you do, you will get the validation code. And then, you will have the special offer whether you are going to take part in My Zaxbys sweepstakes. You know, the prizes are $1,000 and $1,500 cash which you can bring home. If you choose to take your part, you can go on to the next step.

  • Step 8: Fill Out Your Data

Alright, almost all of you take your part in My Zaxbys sweepstakes program. And now, you can start to fill out your data as the page requires. You know, some of the asked data are your full name, and your contact including phone number and your address. In the end, you all just have to wait until the end of the My Zaxbys Visit period.

What are MyZaxbysVisit Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

If some of you take your part in the sweepstakes, it will be valuable that you get to know the qualification and the rules as well. Moreover, if you want to win $1,000 prizes, or maybe $1,500 prizes, you must obey the rules. And, here you go!

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Zaxbys Survey

At the first rule, you all must agree that all customers must ensure that they are eligible. In this case, the minimum age required to fill out this survey is 18 years. Meanwhile, about your nationality, it must be the legal residents of America. And the last, still about the eligibility, you must not be a part of the restaurant workers or the sponsors

  • Know What You Will Need to Join My Zaxbys Visit Survey

When you are about to fill out the survey moreover take part in the sweepstakes, you must gain everything ready. For example, you must go online to go to the officisl site and therefore, you must get a device. Yes, it is like your smartphone with the browser and the internet.

  • Get the Valid Zaxby’s Receipt

The next, indeed, this one is the most crucial thing at the survey and the sweepstakes. You know, you must get the valid Zabys receipt because you are about to need the valid survey code. And, if you have filled out the survey form using that receipt, it will be no longer valid. Of course, you don’t have to be sad because you can give a try to use other valid receipts. Enjoy taking part in more survey sweepstakes to be the winners!

  • Obey My Zaxbys Visit Redemptions Rules
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Alright, this last rule will focus on you who have won Zaxby’s survey prizes. Well, you may just check on the website at the “previous winners” link. It is surprising as you get your name in that survey winner list. Yes, you are going to enjoy $1,000 cash or $1,500 cash.

But, you must know that there are some rules to obey. For instance, your responsibility here is to fill out the form and submit it on time. It is because the official team will substitute you with another winner candidate if you are late or disobey the rules.

Ways to Check MyZaxbysVisit Sweepstakes Winners Names

For some of you who have enrolled at the sweepstakes program, you must wait for the end of the sweepstake period. And then, you can start to go to the survey website to gather all winners name. Simply, you all can go to the site and click on “previous winners” link.

Yes, it is on the left-hand bottom page of My Zaxby’s Visit website. If you find out your name among the list, you must read the guidelines and follow it. Yes, the best advice to hear is you must fill out the Zaxby’s sweepstakes winners form and submit it before the due date.

What are MyZaxbysVisit Survey Sweepstakes Rewards and Prizes?

For you who have taken your part to be the next sweepstakes winners, you may start to find out the prizes which you can win. For your information, there are two My Zaxbys sweepstakes programs which you can take part. In this case, the daily sweepstakes will give you the chance to grab USD$1,000 cash. Meanwhile, for the weekly sweepstakes, you can grab USD$500 cash.

You know, you can only grab one of the two survey prizes. Yes, it is based on the sweepstakes program that you take part. If you wish to be one of the lucky winners, you can use the tricks. Here, you must collect some valid receipts and fill out more surveys. For the next, you can take part in more sweepstakes. Yes, at the same time, you are opening some doors to be the winners.

Brief about Zaxby’s Corporate Profile

So that you know, Zaxby’s is the restaurant chain of the fresh fast foods where you can find chicken wings, as well as chicken fingers, sandwiches, and also the fresh salads. In the first place, the founders are Zach McLeroy and also Tony Townley. Here, you can find the CEO is Zach McLeroy, the CFO is Blake Bailey, and the COO is Robert Baxley.

You know, the first restaurant was in Statesboro, Georgia that operates since August 1990. And, you all can start to go to the headquarters where is in Athens, Georgia. So far, all of you can give a try to go to 800+ locations. If you want to know more about the corporation, you can go to the website that is at The info which you can collect is like Locations or maybe Near Me complete with Hours. Besides, you will collect the info of the menu, coupon, as well as the salads.

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How to Seek for Zaxby’s Near Me?

Don’t you want to seek for Zaxbys locations and go to those restaurants faster? Well, why don’t you go online and find those locations? Here are various ways for you to seek for locations. They are:

  • Zaxby’s Store Locator on the Official Website

First way, you all can use the store locator which you all can get on website. Yes, you must go online and use the store locator or Zaxbys navigator. And then, you can fill out the details required like the zip code. And then, you will collect some locations which you can go to the restaurants now.

  • Zaxby’s Near Me on Google and Map

Second, you can also give a try to search Zaxbys Near Me on your Google search engine or maybe Map. You know, when you click on search, you will find some features including the filters. Yes, it is best to read review, ratings, and hours. No doubt, those can be your consideration before you go to the stores.

  • Restaurant Locations on Zaxbys App

The last, it is about seeking from the locations on the application. Here, you can download, open, and use the navigator feature. And then, you will be able to collect some locations where take place near your current position.

How to Get in Touch with Zaxby’s Customer Care Service?

Alright! You all have collected the entire information about the survey sweepstakes. Now, you can give a try to contact customer care service. And, here are the contacts for you:

  • Zaxby’s Corporate Office

First of all, you can give a try to write a letter, and you can address it to 1040 Founders Blvd, Athens, GA 30606. You know, you can also start to go to the office to talk to the official team if you set your appointment through the office number.

  • Zaxbys Phone Number

Second, you can give a try to call the number that is reachable at 706 353 8107. Yes, all customers must know the restaurant hours if you wish to get the fast responses.

The last, you can also give a try to go to the official website. On the website, you can collect some info like the locations that contain Near Me and Hours, as well as Careers. Yet also, you can collect other data like Menu, Coupon, and Salads as well.

Overall, you all have collected the information about Zaxbys survey with My Zaxby’s Sweepstakes. Now, you can enjoy getting into Zaxby’s Portal at Www MyZabysVisit Com and win $15,000 total prizes!

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