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What do you feel when you have to pay for the traffic violation that you have recently done intentionally? Well, like the good citizen, we have to be gentle and pay what we must be responsible to. Somehow, we are too lazy to face the complicated steps as it needs the couple hours in the court. Of course, it will disturb our working time and energy. But now, you will be helpful when NJMCDirect exists besides you. Anyway, it is the online traffic ticket payment that held by New Jersey Meadowland Court. Through this service, you don’t need to visit the traffic violation payment courts or standing in the queue to pay the tax. Well, NJ Ticket Violations Portal will be ready to help you complete this duty. Get ready!

About NJMCDirect

Alright, the first information that you need to know is about what it is about. Anyway, a few explanations above give us the short explanation about the function of the existence of NJMCDirect.com Portal. Well, it comes to give you the easy place to pay your traffic violations via online. Of course, all of us today want that everything is digital. With no waste the much energy and time, the digital services may give us the easiness to run anything without exists on the particular place and times. Even, most of the public services open the services on the business hours of operation that we are possible to attend because of the jobs.

NJMCDirect Steps to Pay the Online NJ Ticket Violations
NJMCDirect Picture is Accessible at www.NJMCDirect.com

Then, NJMCDirect Pay Ticket comes with its time flexibility that you can access it in our free time. Meanwhile, you should not to come to the court as you can access it on your home or office that will not disturb your job. Well, when you have recently done the traffic violation and want to try the features of the court online portal, you need to visit here on your private electronic device. Even, you have to make sure that you write the correct address as it leads you the official NJMC Direct Pay Portal.

NJMCDirect login to Pay Your Traffic Violation
NJMCDirect login steps guides

What Need to Prepare to Access the New Jersey Pay Ticket?

For the next, when you want to access the website, you should not forget to prepare some things that will make you easy in paying the ticket. Yes, Guys! We can keep in our mind that the login portal is the best solution for all traffic ticket violation payment. If it is your first experience to pay the online traffic ticket, here we conclude the information about the things that you have to prepare, and here they are:

  • The Electronic Device

The first device is for the device to access the login portal. Well, to show the greater display, you need to use a set of computers or laptop instead of using the smartphone. Then, your device must have the current version of the internet browser and has a strong yet stable internet connection.

  • Traffic Ticket

The second thing that will be important is about your traffic ticket. Once you do the violation, the police officer may give you the ticket to pay your tax. Well, you have to keep that ticket and take when you access the online ticket portal. At that time, you will need the information about the court ID and the traffic ticket number.

  • Licenses Plate Number

The third thing is about the driving license script. That script may contain the plate number of your vehicle. Even, when you lost your driving license, you can find the plate number behind your vehicle.

  • Banking Details

For the rest, you need to know that the payment portal does the online ticket payment transaction. Even, you should not go to the court as you can pay the tax via online also. To deal with this way, you need to prepare your Debit or Credit Card and enter the banking details on the portal. Take it calmly, this portal will guarantee your personal and banking information as no one can access it.

The Schedule to Pay the Online NJ Ticket Violations

For your information, New Jersey Meadowland Court Teams opens the online payment services on its special hours of operations. Even, you can get the services every day as well as on Sunday or the other holiday moment. But, it limits the operations to some hours of entrances. And, here the schedules are:

  • At first, from Monday to Thursday, you can pay for your NJ Ticket Violations at 7:30 AM until 11:45 PM EST.
  • Then, you can take the operation at 7:30 AM until 10:45 PM EST on Friday.
  • And, on Saturday, you can access the site at 7:30 AM until 3:45 PM EST.
  • For the rest, you can get the website at 1:00 PM until 11:45 PM EST on Sunday and the other holidays.

How to Access N.J.M.C. Direct Online NJ Ticket Violation Payment?

Great, Buddies! Now, you have been ready to access the online ticket payment. Even, you have completed the devices as well as knowing the schedule of the traffic ticket payment. With no talk much about it, here the things that you need to do, those are:

  • Step one:

First of all, you must turn on your electronic device that we have mentioned above. Then, you may open one of the best browsers on your computer and tap on the search bar. In this case, you have to write the official website as you may find the other fake websites.

  • Step two:

Once you reach out the payment portal, you have to be ready with the written English instruction. Even if you are not confident to use English, you may not worry as you can copy the instruction and paste it into the Google Translate. After knowing the meaning of the instructions, you can continue to the next sections.

  • Step three:

Then, to open the entire NJ Ticket Violation Payment Portal, you need to enter some crucial information related to your vehicle and ticket information. Those are about the court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number and License Plate Number. But, when you are difficult to find those numbers, you may view the ticket samples by tapping on the appeared menu.

  • Step four:

And for the last, after making sure that you write the correct numbers of your ticket, you are able to click on “Continue” and start to complete the traffic violation payment transactions.

  • Step five:

After that, when you have reached out the website, you will see two options at the NJ payment site. At that time, you may choose either view the ticket information or process the online NJ Ticket Violations Payment.

  • Step six:

Well, when you choose to pay the online traffic payment, you may complete the simple instruction. There, you must enter the information about the banking details to complete the payment transaction. So you know, you may print out the payment transaction receipt or keep it via online through the PDF Version. But, we suggest you print it out and save it with yourself. Even, the online payment portal may keep your data only within three months.

So that you know, except for “Full Ticket Samples” menu, you may see “Time Payment Order Samples” and “NJ Point System” menu to make you easy in running the payment transactions. The other menus are about the official website of NJ Courts Customer Service Teams as well as the feedback stations.

About the Benefits of Paying NJ Ticket Violations

If it is your first time to access the online payment of your traffic violations, you may be sure that it is good by knowing the benefits. Well, Buddies! This service is trusted as the great online services where it gives the rich benefits for the customers. Simply, we don’t need to visit the court and complete the payment at home or office. And, here the benefits are:

  • Benefit one:

The first benefit is about to the speed of services at the ticket portal. All we know that this website helps us to access the website at home while we don’t need to spend the couple hours by waiting in the court.

  • Benefit two:

The second benefit is on the mobile-friendly website. N J M C Direct Pay Ticket Portal provides the eye-catching template, the easy instruction as well as the simple steps to deal with. Besides it, you may be helpful as this portal completes the services with the friendly and well-prepared customer service where they are ready to help your problems.

  • Benefit three:

Then, you should not worry to give any personal information including the banking details in the portal. So that you know, the portal is ready with its awesome security technology. Even, no one can access your data except for the authorized employees.

  • Benefit four:

Please keep in your mind that this site is the best portal where it is convenient and simple. Yes, you don’t need to face complicated situations on the court as you can do everything through your private computer. Then, you may not dizzy to pay your traffic ticket violation payment as you are ready to access NJ Ticket Portal.

What are the Official Rules in NJ Ticket Fines Payment?

Even, you may find some official rules in this online service that you need to follow. On the other words, if your traffic violations do not meet the official rules that are accessible through this website, you should visit the nearest court and complete your fines payment. And, here the rules are:

  • At first. You have to complete the payment based on the date on your ticket. Even if you miss out the date, you have to visit the court and pay the extra fines for it. For some violations, the risks may be different.
  • Then, your violations must be no issued warrants when you access the portal.
  • After that, this portal is accessible for any particular the payable violation type.
  • The online payment portal gives the online payment information only within three months of the last transaction. So that’s why, you are better to print your transaction to make it secure with you.
  • At last, when you cannot get your Ticket Numbers, you cannot continue the transaction as you are better to call the Phone Number or visit the courts that are available on your ticket. The other action that you can do when you get any troubles to access the website is about to visit www.judiciary.state.nj.us. It is the official website of the online court. There, you are able to click on “Contact-us” and get the customer service teams.

Steps to Share NJ Court Direct Customer Feedback

So that you know, you may leave any comments and feedback for NJ Court Direct Pay Ticket Services. Even if you get any burdens or problems, you may share them to the official teams without any hesitations. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

At the very beginning, you are able to prepare your electronic devices such as computer, browser, as well as the internet connection. Then, you can visit the main website.

  • Step two:

Then, you may click on the “Feedback” menu. Guys, you can find this menu on the top-corner at the site.

  • Step three:

Once you get the menu, you need to type in your name, email as well as the reasons for leaving the feedback. And, you may write down the feedback on the Ticket Status Box. At that time, it is better to state it in the simple words and sentences.

  • Step four:

For the rest, you can re-type the captcha code on the appeared box and click on “Continue” button.

How to Get in Touch with NJ Court Customer Service?

In line with four mottos at the coourt portal as “Independence, Integrity, Fairness, Quality Services,” you should not worry to get in touch with the Customer Service when you get some troubles in N.J.M.C. Direct Pay Ticket Portal. And, here the contact details are:

  • At first, you are able to use your phone and call the teams at (+1) 609-815-2900.
  • Then, you can send your questions via email at Webmaster.Mailbox@njcourts.gov.
  • Even, the teams will receive your mail-in questions. You can send it to Richard j Hughes Justice Complex PO Box 037 Trenton, New Jersey the USA 08625-0037.


Thanks for reading this article. Now, you can take your writing utensil and write down any useful information about NJMCDirect Ticket Payment. And, we hope that you get your easiness by applying the simple steps on the previous information. Stay visited and see you at the next titles!

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