PublixSurvey – Steps to Earn $1000 from Publix Survey Sweepstakes

Have you just shopped at Publix Super Markets recently? Do you still keep your Publix receipt? If you do, you should use this purchase receipt to access Publixsurvey. This online survey portal is open to all Publix customers. It is because Publix Super Markets appreciates every feedback from its customers. In order to reward the customers, the corporate offers a sweepstake for the survey taker. By joining this online drawing, you can earn $1000 Publix gift card. Wow, that’s a fabulous reward, isn’t it?

If you want to grab this Publix reward, you should not be confused. The steps to get is are very simple to do. What you need to do is preparing the receipt. Then, you also need to review the Publix survey sweepstakes rules. After knowing the rules, you can make sure that you are the eligible participant. So, you can go on completing Publix survey. You do not need to worry about the survey procedure. It is because we have presented clearly in this article. So, keep reading this page and complete the Publix Customer Survey as soon as possible.

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About Publix Super Markets

Before we talk further about Publixsurvey, it is better to discuss Publix Company. Publix is the largest employee-owned supermarket. This company can expand the retail business fast. No doubt, there are more than a thousand Publix chains in the US. In order to run it’s operational, Publix hires 100.000 workers. As a supermarket, Publix does not only provides the grocery need. But, you also can purchase the food as well as the pharmaceutical products.

Retail business competition seems very hard. So, the corporate does not want to lose its customers. In order to maintain the customers’ satisfaction, Publix never stops improving its store. This company always want to make all customers happy. When the customers have a fun shopping trip, they will come back to the corporate. Through this survey, this store trying to identify what the people want. Besides, Publix survey also helps the store to find out the issue which disappoints the customers. As a result, the company can evaluate the overall business performance. The next, this store can improve the customers’ shopping satisfaction. So, if you want to make this store better, you should involve in Publix Customer Satisfaction survey.

PublixSurvey Sweepstakes for $1,000 Publix Gift Card
PublixSurvey Sweepstakes Steps Guides

The Rules of Publix Survey

Notifying all the survey rules is the obligation of every survey participant. Knowing the rules makes you more ready to take part in the Publix survey. It is because you can ensure that you are the eligible participant. Besides, you will notice the things to do and not to do during the survey completion. The last, obeying Publix survey sweepstakes rules can increase your chance to earn the gift card valued at $1000. Undeniably, most of the survey takers complete this survey in order to win the Publix sweepstakes reward. So, let’s check out the survey rules below.

  • Publix survey requirements.

Before accessing the survey website, you should make a good preparation. There are several things must be ready. First, you have to hold a valid receipt issued by the company. This receipt usually contains Publix survey invitation. But, what if you cannot find any survey invitation in your receipt? You should not be panic. It is because Publix survey portal provides another way to begin the survey without entering the survey code. Furthermore, the use of a stable internet connection and the computer is also necessary to prepare. The last, make sure that you have an active email account. The email address is necessary to submit when you enter the sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstakes eligibility.

As stated before, you should check whether you are eligible for entering the customer survey. Here are some prerequisites you have to note if you want to join this Publix drawing.

  1. The entrants of Public sweepstakes must be at least 18 years of age. So, if you are still less than eighteen years old, you cannot enter the contest. If you have the valid receipt, you can ask the people older than you to enter the sweepstakes on your behalf.
  2. Only the legal residents of the US who live in the promotion area can take part in this sweepstakes. For instance, you have to live legally in Florida, Alabama, South and North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.
  3. Publix employees are not eligible to participate in this contest. Besides, any person who involves in this promotion program is also not eligible.
  4. The immediate family member and household of the employees cannot enter this sweepstake as well. The household means anybody who lives together with the employees.
  5. All the sweepstakes entrants must agree and obey the official rules of this contest.
  • Publix Sweepstakes entry methods.

The Publix sweepstakes entrants can join this contest through two methods. They can select which entry method they think as the simplest one. First, they can take part in the online contest. The requirement of this online sweepstakes is the valid receipt. Then, you have to complete Publix survey so that you will get an offer to enter the sweepstakes. In order to enter these online sweepstakes, you have to submit your personal data. It includes your full name, valid email address, date of birth, postal code, and phone number.

Besides, the second sweepstakes method is by mailing your entry. This method does not require any receipt. To join this contest, please prepare a sheet of card or paper. Then, handwrite or type your full name, phone number, email address, and birthday. The next, after covering this entry with the business size envelope, you can send it to this address:

Publix Customer Voice Sweepstakes, Summer 2018,

Attn: Marketing or research,

3300 Publix Corporate Parkway,

Lakeland, Florida 33811.

  • Publix Sweepstakes Reward.

The official team will decide one winner in a month. Then, the winner will get a gift card worth $1000. You should note that the survey team limits only one winner per household. Besides, if you become the winner, you cannot redeem the gift cards for cash. You only can use this Publix gift card to go shopping at the supermarket. All locations of the stores accept this gift card. Then, as the winner, you have to be responsible to pay the tax for this reward.

Step by Step to Complete PublixSurvey

Yes, Publix survey is the simple customer satisfaction survey. Even you have never entered the survey before, you will not get any difficulties. All the survey stages are easy to do. The questionnaire is also easy to fill out. Just make sure that the survey requirements are ready. So, you will be able to complete a Publix Customer survey without facing any trouble. Furthermore, the survey will not take much of the time. In less than 10 minutes, all the survey and sweepstakes steps are done.

Now, are you ready to take part in the survey? Just do the brief guideline below.

  • Step 1. Access Publix Survey website.

Have you noticed the address of the survey portal? This survey is accessible online. besides, you can just type on your web browser’s address bar. On the home page of the survey website, you can find two helpful links. The first link helps you to view the complete rules of the sweepstakes. Besides, the second one is to view the Publix sweepstakes winner. Before starting the survey, you had better view the official rules.

  • Step 2. Choose the language.

The company allows the survey takers to choose the language of the survey portal. Two languages are available. You can select English or Spanish. At the home page, there will be a short explanation about the survey.

  • Step 3. Enter the Publix store number.

After choosing the language, you can go to the next page. On this new page, there are some fileds you have to fill out. The first field asks you to write down the store number. If you do not know the store number which you have recently visited, you can check it on the receipt. Once you enter the store number, the website can identify the store location you have just visited. Usually, the store number has three or four digits in length.

  • Step 4. Provide the survey invitation code.

The next, you have to provide the survey code. During the promotional period, the corporate has the receipt which contains the invitation code. In order to start the survey, you have to enter this code correctly. Usually, the survey invitation code contains 16 numbers. But, what if you cannot find this code on the receipt? You should not worry. It is because you still can enter this survey. In this case, you have to tick the statement clarifying that you do not have the survey code. This statement is available under the Publix survey code box.

  • Step 5. Write down the time stamp.

Now, check your receipt. Try to find the time information on this receipt. The time stamp indicates the hour and minute when you visit the store. You can indicate the visit time by using the format hh: mm. Then, click on the Next button to go on to the next step.

  • Step 6. Provide the telephone number.

Submitting your phone number is the step you cannot skip. Entering the phone number is necessary to do as the sweepstakes requirement. By providing the valid phone number, Publix will be able to contact you easily. For your information, the official team will notify the sweepstakes winner by phone. Do not forget to include the code area. Besides, you should not worry about your privacy. The corporate will not use this phone number for the promotional purpose. Furthermore, the company will not give your contact details to the third parties.

  • Step 7. Complete the Publix questionnaire.

After submitting your phone number, it’s your time to start the customer survey. This survey consists of some stages. In the first section, the survey site may ask you to rate some issues. They are about the store, products, and employees. As the example, you should rate the friendliness of the store attendants. Besides, you also can rate the availability of the products you want to purchase. Also, you should give your opinion about the store cleanliness as well.

  • Step 8. Enter Publix sweepstakes.

Once you finish answering the Publix Survey question, you can decide to enter the sweepstakes or not. To submit a sweepstakes entry, you need to provide valid personal and contact details. There will be a sweepstakes form you must fill out. On this form, you can write your name, phone number, and email address. The next, you have to choose the media to inform in case you win this sweepstake. So, you can select by phone or email.  After that, you just need to wait for the notification. You will be very happy if you can win the monthly sweepstakes from the company. It means you are free to shop at the store by using this sweepstakes prize. with $1000 gift card, you can purchase the grocery need for some months.

Contacting Publix Customer Service.

What do you usually do if you have some issues related to Publix? In this case, you should reach the customer support. So, you can solve your problem immediately. Besides, if you have any questions, you can get the answer soon. Perhaps, you want to know about the hour, career, Weekly Ad, coupon, etc. Furthermore, you also can contact the customer care to voice up your shopping feedback. This way, you can convey your complaint or suggestions. Check out some alternatives below to get in touch with the Super Markets.

  • By phone.

Calling the customer service is the way to get a quick response from this supermarket. You can call the phone number at 1 800 242 1227. Make sure that you contact Publix Customer support at the business hour. It is because the customer service is not available 24/7. You only can call them on Monday to Saturday. During weekdays, you can make a call at 8 am up to 7 pm. Besides, on weekend, you should call at 9 am up to 4 pm.

  • By fax.

Perhaps, you want to send any attachment to the company. In this case, you can use a facsimile. The fax number of Publix Super Markets is 863 284 5532. When you send the fax to the company, you should be brief in conveying your purpose. At the end of your fax, you should state what you want from the store.

  • By mail.

The company also allows the customers to send a letter to the company. When you write a letter, you should make it specific and brief. Just address your letter to:

Publix Corporate Office

PO Box 3300,

Lakeland, FL 33811.

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