Safewaysurvey – Win $100 Safeway Gift Card by Taking Safeway Survey

If you live in the North American, you must be familiar with Safeway. It is one of the biggest supermarkets in the US. No doubt, Safeway is well-known for its fair price and good quality of the products. That is why the corporate can compete in the retail business with other stores. For instance, it has the tight competition with Kroger or Walmart. Safeway always commits to giving the best service to the customers. This way, this store has Safewaysurvey. This survey helps this store to know the level of happiness of each customer. So, the store can increase the customers’ shopping satisfaction.

With this strategy, the official team can know what the customers want. Besides, this store also can survive in the market competition. Here, the corporate always puts the customers’ need as the goal. So, the business can grow fast. At this moment, the corporate runs more than 2200 chains in the United States. In order to fulfill the shoppers’ need, the company offers various products. For instance, this retail store sells the pharmacy, dairy products, grocery, frozen items, and so on. Then, this company also sells the various famous brands. For instance, you can buy Primo Taglio, Safeway Select, Open Nature, Pantry Essentials, Lucerne, and so on.

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The Rules of SafewaySurvey Sweepstakes

After shopping at Safeway, you should not ignore its survey invitation. It is because by completing Safeway Survey, you can get the chance to win $100. With this gift card, you can buy any products you need. This offer is very great, isn’t it? That is why you have to participate in this Safeway survey net. But, before accessing the survey link, you need to find out the survey rules. For your information, you can read the survey rules at But, if you are too lazy to read the long explanation, you can check out the summary below. We simplify the survey rules as the following.

  • Safeway Survey requirements.

The major need to start the survey is a valid receipt. So, every time you get a valid receipt, you should not trash it. Without this receipt, you cannot enter the valid survey code. As a result, you cannot take part in Safeway Customer Survey. Another item needed to access the survey is an email address. At the homepage of the survey, every survey taker has to enter their email address. Furthermore, the email address is also the requirement to enter the online sweepstakes. Moreover, to access this online survey, you need a personal computer and a stable internet access.

  • The participant of Safeway Sweepstakes.

There are some rules about the survey sweepstakes participants. If you want to submit the sweepstakes entry, you should obey the rules below.

  1. The participants of the sweepstakes must reach 18 years of age.
  2. Then, this online sweepstake is only for the legal citizen of the US. The residents of these following states are eligible for the sweepstakes. For instance, you have to live legally in the Arizona, Alaska, California, Maryland, Washington DC, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, and so on.
  3. Besides, you should not be the employees of Safeway store. If you work at the corporate, you can take part in the employee survey.
  4. The next, make sure that you do not have any family relationship with the official staff.
  5. The last, each survey taker only can enter the sweepstakes one time in 15 years.
  • Safeway Sweepstakes entry methods.

Yes, the corporate invites the customers to enter its sweepstakes through three methods. They are online sweepstakes entry, promotional sweepstakes, and the mail-in sweepstakes. See the explanation below to get a clear understanding about the sweepstakes entry.

  1. Online sweepstakes.

If you have a valid receipt, you can enter this online contest. But, you need to complete the Safeway customer satisfaction survey first. After finishing the survey, the site will automatically take you to the sweepstakes offer. If you are eligible, you can decide to enter this contest. Provide your personal info as the registration need. For instance, you need to write your full name, address, email address, and telephone number.

  1. Promotional sweepstakes.

During the promotional period, the company may invite the customers to take part in the online sweepstakes. Even they do not make any purchase, they can take part in the online sweepstakes. Upon the completion of the overall survey, they get a chance to enter one sweepstakes entry.

  1. Mail-in sweepstakes.

In case you do not have the valid receipt and survey invitation, you still can join the survey sweepstakes. It is because you can send the sweepstakes mail-in entry. Simply prepare a piece of card. Then, handwrite your personal data. Include your full name, mailing address, along with your contact number. After that, you should send this card by using the business-sized envelope to this address. Safewaysurvey sweepstakes, Stella Service 75 Broad St, Suite 1010, New York, 10004.

  • Safeway survey prize.

Every week, the corporate will choose ten winners. Then, each winner will receive $100 gift card. If you win this reward, you can use it buy any products you want at the store. But, you have to note that this gift card is not redeemable for cash.

Simple Steps to Take Part in SafewaySurvey

Even you have not taken part in the survey before, you will complete this survey easily. It is so since Safeway customer feedback survey is very easy to do. You will be able to accomplish all the survey steps in less than seven minutes. That is why you should not ignore the invitation to complete thhis survey. Who knows, you will be the lucky winner that wins the gift card valued at $100.

Then, by taking the official survey, you can tell your shopping trip story. For instance, you can share how satisfied you are after visiting the store. You should believe that your feedback is a valuable thing for the corporate. This company will assess the customers’ feedback to find out the weakness. As a result, the company team can fix the business area that makes the customers disappointed. Then, in the future, all customers will get better service from this store. So, are you ready to be part of the business improvement? Simply do the simple steps below in order to take the customer survey.

  • Access Safewaysurvey website.

You should access the customer survey link at here. Besides, you can type the link address on your browser’s web address. You will see the sample receipt on the survey homepage. By viewing this receipt, you will be able to type the survey code correctly. Before starting filling out the customer survey, we recommend you to view the sweepstakes rules. To view it, just click on Sweepstakes rules link above the receipt sample.

  • Enter the Safeway receipt details. (date and time)

Under the receipt sample, there are some blank boxes. You have to fill in these box with some information on the vvalid receipt. First, you need to select the date when you came to the Safeway store.  Just click on the calendar image to set the date. After that, you should indicate the time of visiting the store as well.

  • Enter Safewaysurvey code.

The next detail you have to provide is Safeway survey code. See your receipt to get this code. Usually, the survey invitation code consists of 14 numbers. See the sample of the valid receipt on the homepage to find out the way to enter the code. It is because you have to separate the code into several boxes.

  • Provide the email address.

As we stated before, the survey requires your email address. This email address is used to enter Safeway sweepstakes. Just make sure that the email account you enter on this survey is a valid account. the next, press the Next button to start the survey. If all of the details you have entered are valid, you will be able to start this survey.

  • Answer Safeway Survey questions.

You can begin the survey soon after you press the Next button. The next, some questionnaires will appear on your screen. Most questions ask about your satisfaction with the shopping experience at the store. Besides, other questions ask you to rate the products, the store attendants, and the store condition. This survey also lets the customers give some comment. So, you should use this section properly. Write down your feedback wisely. Furthermore, you can include any complaint, critics, or suggestions.

  • Enter Safewaysurvey sweepstakes.

After answering the entire questions at the survey, it is your time to enter the sweepstake program. This program only requires your personal info. Therefore, you need to complete the sweepstakes form. First of all, you should write your name. The next, you should write your mailing address by including the city, state, as well as the postal code. Also, you should supply the complete and valid contact details. As the example, you must supply the email id as well as the phone number. You should not worry about privacy. It is because the official team will not misuse your data. This company will not sell your information to other companies. By providing the valid details, the official team will be easier to contact you in case you win this program.

I do not have Safeway Receipt, Can I Share My Feedback?

As stated before, to submit your feedback through the survey, you need a receipt. Then, what should you do if you lose your receipt? How can you share your feedback to the customer service? Luckily, the corporation provides a website where you can submit your shopping feedback even you do not have the receipt. But, you should note that you cannot get the reward as like you complete the survey. In order to provide feedback, there are two methods available. First, you can contact Safeway Retail Store. Just dial 1 877 723 3929 to speak up with the representative staff. Second, you can submit the feedback through the official website. Check out the steps below.

  • Visit Safeway official portal.

You need to access to view all information about this supermarket. As the example, you can see Safeway offers and deals. Furthermore, you can explore Safeway gas reward, nutrition facts, and pharmacy as well. In addition, the site has several features such as Contact form, grocery delivery, and store locator.

  • Select contact us.

If you want to open the feedback form, you should click the Contact Us menu. This option is located at the bottom section of the website. Soon after you click on this menu, a blank feedback form will appear on the new page.

  • Choose the type of Inquiry.

In order to complete Safeway Feedback form, you should select the type of inquiry. Four inquiry types are available. For example, you can select Grocery Delivery, Comment and Questions, Investor Relations, and Employment. Your aim to reach this form is to submit a feedback, you should select Comment & Question.

  • Write down the loyalty card number.

Usually, you use the loyalty card number when you are at Safeway checkout point.  Just write this number on this feedback form. But, if you do not have Safeway loyalty card, you can enter the phone number.

  • Provide your basic information.

Your feedback form needs your personal data. As the example, you have to provide the complete name, email address, and the mailing address.

  • Choose the topic.

You have decided what you will tell through this feedback form. So, in this step, you should choose the topic that represents what you are going to tell Safeway. The example of the topics are Fuel Discount program, Club card, gift card, and Just For U, other inquiry topics are about the Store experience, mobile app, and the product comment.

  • Write your comment.

Here is the main section of the feedback form. Here, you can elaborate on the topic of inquiry you have chosen. But, you should not write too long comments. Being brief and straightforward is better. The last, send this form to the corporation by clicking the Submit button.

Contacting Safeway Customer Service.

If you want to get in touch with the official team, you can use these alternatives. Perhaps, you have some questions about the products or the program offered by the official team. In this case, you should not hesitate to contact the team. But, before contacting the customer service, it is the better to view Safeway FAQ page. Who knows, you can find the right and satisfying answer there. In contrast, if you cannot find the solution to your problem, you can reach Safeway Customer Care by using these methods.

  • By phone.

In case you get an urgent issue, calling the customer service is the best solution. Yes, the customer service number is 1 877 258 2799. You can deliver the questions about career, product, service, and so on. Furthermore, you can tell about your shopping feedback as well.

  • By mail.

Another way to reach the team is by sending the letter to Safeway Corporation. The address of Safeway Headquarter is as the following.

Safeway Customer Service Department.

5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.

Pleasanton, California 94588.

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