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Hi, Sears Employees? How long have you been being Sears Teams? Then, how many of you know about Sears Employee Portal? We believe that not all of you know that your company has Sears Holding Corporation, Intra Sears and 88Sears Portal. But, what can you do with those kinds of employee portal? Of course, we need a couple of days to talk about each Sears Associate Login Portal. Anyway, this day, we will talk much about Sears Holding Employee Login Guidelines and give you a few overviews about its portal’s features and benefits of being the parts of this company. It will be great if you stay for a while the start improving your work performance using this awesome employee website. It is clear enough that you are ready for the discussion and let’s start it!

What is Sears Holding Employee Login?

Alright, it is great to start the discussion with the general overview about Sears Holding Employee Login Site before we talk too much about the login guidelines, features and many more. Well, Sears Holding Employee Website is the platform where the Sears Employee can get into 88Sears My HR Homepage, Intra Sears as well as 401K Benefits Management. In short, it is the smart Sears Employee Portal where all of the work occupations are available inside. This portal is only accessible for the legal associates, former employees, whole corporate teams and of course the Human Resource Development Groups. Like all we know, Sears is one of the largest retail shop subsidiaries that is operated under the licensed of K-Mart. Even, we don’t need to argue about K-Mart as it is the king of Retail Store in the United States.

Sears Holding Employee Login
Sears Holding Employee Login Steps are accessed from

Then, to access this Sears Holdings Login Website, you only need to provide the series of Employee ID or the other associate identification numbers including its appropriate password. Like all we know, the password is the sensitive data that every employee must keep it secretly. Anyway, the former employees may be familiar with this number, but the new employees may be not. Meanwhile, they can contact Sears HR Teams to get the ID card and temporary login password.  Finally, you can use those credential numbers to access Or, to get in touch with My HR Homepage and discuss the various employee benefits plans, you can access Portal. Both of them need the same requirements and open the large opportunity for every employee to discuss everything.

Sears Holding Employee Login Guidelines
Sears Holding Employee Login Guidelines

What are the Differences between 88 Sears, Intra Sears, and Sears Holding Employee Site?

Of course, the new Sears Employees may be difficult to understand the differences between 88 Sears, Intra Sears as well as Sears Holding Corporate Website. Even, all of you are free to access all of those portals; each of them has its special characteristic and functions. Even, every each of those sites exists in the different website address. So, a table below may help you to differentiate between those awesome portals, and here they are:

About88 SearsIntra SearsSears Holding Corporate
Website or or
Specifically available forSears HR TeamsIntra Sears AssociateAll of Corporate Teams
Requirements to EnterEnterprise ID and PasswordEnterprise ID and PasswordEnterprise ID and Password
FunctionsAll about Benfits Information, W-2 Payroll, and ResourceIntra Workforce ManagementWhole Corporate Information, Occupation and Discission
Accessible for24 Hours Seven Days Operation24 Hours Seven Days Operation24 Hours Seven Days Operation

What are the Features inside of My Sears Employee Login Website?

The Like we have stated above, we will specifically discuss Sears Holdings Employee Login Website instead of the other employee portals. Even, each of them will not seem too different as each of the employees has the same opportunity to access it. But maybe, each of them has the special characteristic which it may be little different each other. So, guys! It is great to know the features that you can enjoy while you are on Sears Associate Login Portal and here the features are:

  • Online Workforce Management

First thing first, you will feel helpful to manage any workforce occupations. When you are accidental cannot come to the office, but you need to control your department, you can be free to access the online workforce management using your sears employee login account at home or everywhere you are.

  • Complete Resource and References

Somehow, you may need to get the inspiration to improve your work, make the important decision or even need the tips to treat the customers and your teams. Well, Sears Holding Employee Login Site gives you the free ideas through its complete resource and references.

  • Communication Easiness

As so you know, Sears Corporation works with over than 120,000 people across the United States. Because of many reasons, you may need to reach them and share the important information to them. Well, this portal will be helpful to accommodate this kind of case.

  • Employee Benefits

At last, you are able to access and get more detail about Sears Employee Benefits and get the convenience platform to claim, discuss or even check your benefits. But, to get the detail and complete commands about it, you are better to visit Portal and meet My HR Sears Corporate Teams.

  • Payroll and Monthly Incentives

Then, you have no longer worry to get the fast and direct information about the monthly incentives and get the right platform to access the payroll. In this case, you will be easy to check the history, chart as well as run the online payment. For some people, it is the case sensitive information. And of course, you should not be afraid to keep the information while this portal has been protected with the high-security system.

  • Scheduling System

At last, this portal run the multitasking jobs and manages your scheduling system is one of them. Guys, you can manage, know or even exchange your schedule with your partners. This portal will be very convenient to run this task.

What Need to Prepare to Access Sears Employee Portal?

And then, you must know that to access Sears Login Portal needing some kinds of requirements. However, you should believe that they will support you to access this employment portal without getting any serious troubles. Well, Guys! It is the lists of the requirement are:

  • First of all, you must prepare a secure electronic device. It will be better to use your device instead of borrowing for your other friends.
  • Second of all, and Website are sensitive with any kinds of the browser. Then, you are better to install the current version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • And, you need to ensure that you have been connected to the strong and stable internet connection.
  • At last, you will need the series of the Enterprise ID and Password Numbers. It will be available on your ID Card.

How to Access Sears Holdings Employee Login Portal?

Alright, you have completed all the requirements and get ready to access this employee portal. We know that it is a great time to work better while you have the active Sears Employee Login Account. Again, you have to know that we start to access the login portal through Sears Holding Portal. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

In the beginning, you can prepare all of the supported devices and access Just be sure that you get into the correct website and read the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Services to improve your comprehension about this portal.

  • Step two:

After that, you are able to fill out the series of your enterprise ID on the homepage. Yes, Friends! You must give the correct and valid one.

  • Step three:

Below the enterprise ID, this homepage needs you to fill out the accurate password that has been registered as your login account.

  • Step four:

At last, you can click on “Login” button and explore Sears Holding Employee Login Portal.

If you find any difficulties or even questions about Former SHC Associates Logon Page, you are able to click at “Help” button that is available on the top-right corner of the site.

About 88 Sears Page

As we see above, you are better to access 88 Sears Employee Login Site for the detail information about Sears Employee Benefits and even access the simple way to get the HR Teams. Inside this page, you will be able to manage and access the various employee benefits. And, here the examples:

  • The Benefits Information

First of all, you are going to get the latest updates about Sears employee benefits news. Well, if you are going to know more about SHC News Update, Benefits Enrollment, and so on. Here more details about Sears benefits information:

Sears Benefits Information
SHC News Update
Benefits Enrollment
Enroll/View/Change Coverage
Benefits Contacts
Benefits Newsletters, Notices, Forms
Benefits Handbooks, SMMs, SARs
401(k) Savings Plan Information and Notices
Pension Plan Information and Notices
Worklife Solutions
  • W-2 Information and Payroll Services

And, the second category is all about payroll and w2 information. Indeed, you must be able to check out the following information, such as:

Payroll & W2 Information
W-2 Management (Enroll/View/Reprint)
State W4
Pay Cycles
Payroll Debit Card Fees
  • Resource and Contacts

For the last one, you must also get the chance to check out the Sears resources as well as Sears contacts. Here the details for you:

Resources & Contacts
88 Sears IVR Support Services
MPI (My Personal Information)
Workforce Optimization (WFO) - Call Center Only
Web Outlook
Kobal Webmail
Careers Website
Log into I-9
Code of Conduct
Employment All in One Poster
Labor and Associate Relations Team Page

How to Access Employee Login Portal?

Even, you have no longer worries to access Website as it requires the same steps like in Sears Holding Employee Login Steps. In this case, you need to visit portal then mention the valid Enterprise ID, and its valid password then tap on “Login” button to explore the menu involved.

Well, it is all about Sears Holding Employee Portal Guidelines. If you need to get something more about it, you can contact Sears Roebuck and Company Help Desk via phone at 847 286 2500. Thanks for reading this page and see you later!

Guys, we give you detail information about Sears Products, Company Profile, Hours of Operation as well as its current discount on our previous page. Just be sure that you go to this link and enjoy shopping at Sears!

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