TalktoWendys – Smart Steps to Take Wendys Survey and Win 500 Cash

Anyone who loves enjoying Wendy’s Menu must be fun with an awesome program today. This famous fast food chain presents 500 Dollar Cash for the customers who take TalktoWendys. But, what is that? Well, it is the awesome place to share any complaints and problems about all things at Wendy’s Restaurant. Wendys Survey is ready to hear what you need and hope with Wendy’s Restaurant and give you the extra cash for the rest. Start from now on, you should not feel gloomy about all pain, stressed, and complicated problems as Wendy’s Special Menus will sweet your day. Come on, here the steps!

What do you know about TalktoWendys?

First thing first, we all know Wendy’s Restaurant is one of the great fast-food chains in the world. Standing in line with the other great fast food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken as well as McDonald’s, Wendy’s wants to go beyond and achieve its great achievement. Of course, that expectation is not an easy task as Wendy’s Teams do not do anything to get it. So that’s why, they realize that the customers hold the important key to help the company achieves its goals. But how?

TalktoWendys Survey
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Well, Talk to Wendys Survey is the perfect idea to invite the customers to be a part of its growth. It is the customer survey platform that works to collect the customers’ review and complaints. Anyone who gets troubles and problems with Wendy’s is welcomed to share in the survey platform. So that you know, this survey collects the customers’ review in both of descriptively and its numerical data. And, the company can use that reports to observe its weakness, power, as well as challenges in the future.

How to Take TalktoWendys Survey?

Well, Buddies! Taking part in Wendy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey is awfully simple such as a piece of cake. Yes, you can take the survey by taking one of the ways of the entrance. Those are:

  • At first, you are able to take the online survey platform at or
  • The second, you are able to take the offline survey by sending the mail-in feedback. For the details steps and requirements, we are going to discuss later.

About the Rules in Wendy’s Customer Survey Feedback

You may no longer worry to fail in the survey as long as you have obeyed the rules. Yes, there are some terms and conditions as you need to follow. Those will lead you to be the winners in Wendy’s Sweepstakes that present 500 Dollar Cash for the lucky survey participants. And here the rules are:

  • The entrance’s rules

First of all, you may know the procedure of the survey entrances. In this case, you are about to limit your survey for one chance in a month in a different Wendy’s Receipt. Even, one receipt is available for only seven days of the last visit.

  • TalktoWendys Questionnaire’s Rules

Then, to get the perfect chance to win Wendy’s Reward, you have to complete the appeared questionnaires. In this case, you are not allowed to leave any single voids in every section

  • About the survey participants’ requirements

After that, the survey participants are about to meet the requirements when they take part in the Customer Survey. Well, they have to be the legal residence of the United States and at least 18 years old customers. Then, they don’t come from the official team as the employees, sponsor, partner as well as all the people who stay in the same household with them.

  • TalktoWendy’s Winners Responsibilities

For the next, each lucky participant in Wendy’s Survey and Sweepstakes must complete the affidavit and eligibility form within two days of the last message notification sent. Just in case they miss the date, the company may change the other potential winners.

  • Survey participants’ Information

Then, TalktoWendy’s Platform may need some personal information that is useful to get in touch with the survey participants. Well, it is a must to give the correct email and phone numbers as well as the mail-in address. So that you know, the teams may not be responsible for any telecommunication and technical problems.

About the Step by Step to Take Wendys Online Survey

Alright, as long you have met the requirements and are committed to following the official Terms and Condition, you are able to take the survey without any obstacles. And, the first method that we are going to discuss is about the online survey at the official portal. Before getting the portal, you have to prepare some devices such as:

  • A mobile device such as a computer set, laptop, or smartphone
  • Great version of Chrome, Firefox, and the other internet browsers
  • The high-speed of internet connection
  • And, the writing utensil may be helpful to write down the important information from the survey.

Then, you can start to take the survey and follow these simple steps, those are:

  • Step one:

First of all, you can open the computer set and internet browser. At that time, you are able to launch the survey website address here or

  • Step two:

Shortly after getting the website, you need to read the Sweepstakes Rules Station and make sure that you don’t miss every single instruction. There, the most important information is about Talk to Wendys Survey Period.

  • Step three:

For the next, you can start the survey by typing in TalktoWendys Survey Codes, Wendy’s Store Number and the date of the last purchase. Just be sure that you type the correct information.

  • Step four:

The following section is about to inform the type of visit. In this case, you are able to choose Dine-in Services, Drive-Thru, as well as the Take-away services.

  • Step five:

Finally, you are ready to complete the questionnaires. In this case, you need to be sure that you fill in all like-scale statement’s scores. It is about to rate the appeared statements related to your level of satisfaction. Meanwhile, you may have a chance to write down the descriptive opinion, complaints or feedback to some descriptive questions. Well, in a full of hope, you are able to share the honest experience at the survey.

  • Step six:

Alright, you are able to choose whether you take Wendys Sweepstakes or not. At that time, we suggest you take the sweepstakes as you have a chance to win $500 Cash. Well, you only need to say “Yes” for the sweepstakes’ offer and respond to the series of short questionnaires. In this case, the site may talk about the last ordered menu.

  • Step seven:

After that, you need to complete the personal information form. You need to mention the name, mail-in, date of birth, contact numbers as well as the email. Just be sure that you have checked the information as you don’t leave any mistyping words.

  • Step eight:

For the rest, you are able to finish the survey and click on “Submit”. Well, you only need to wait for the next information about Wendy’s Sweepstakes Winners. At this time, we have to place the phone and email nearby and active. Usually, the reward distribution takes in not more than 60 days of the last notification.

About the Step by Step in Mail-in Feedback of Talk to Wendys Survey

Another way to share the support for the Restaurant is about to send the mail-in feedback. In this case, here some things that you need to follow, those are:

  • Step one:

The first thing that you need to perform is about to prepare the bright paper with a size of 3 x 5-inch, an envelope, and a writing utensil. When you started to write down the feedback, you need to make sure that your handwriting is readable.

  • Step two:

Then, you may start to give the feedback and share anything you face on your current visit. Below the feedback, you need to mention the complete name, mail-in address, and the contact details.

  • Step three:

Finally, you are able to send your letter to Wendy’s Sweepstakes Program PO Box 16470, Rochester, New York 14616, the United States.

What Need to Share in TaktoWendys Survey?

Some people may confuse with the ideas that they need to share in Wendy’s Survey. Well, take it easy! This survey aims to collect the customers’ review and feedback. For instance, you need to talk about all things you get on your last visit. Overall, here that you can share:

  • At first, you can whether you satisfy with the menu or not. It includes the quantity, quality, and price.
  • Then, you can share the feedback about the restaurant locations, store appearances, and its cleanliness.
  • The employees’ services’ reviews are very useful for the company. This discussion covers their friendliness and attitude.
  • For the next, you may share your interest to spend the eatery times at the restaurant.
  • After that, your likelihood to promote and return in the next day may be the crucial information for the company.
  • At last, you have to say a lot about the weakness of those services, your complaints, and your recommendation for the better quality of the restaurant.

How to Check TaktoWendys Sweepstakes’ Winners?

For the next, you may be curious to check out the winners on this survey program. Even, you may find your brother’s name on the list and congrats him because of 500 Dollar cash they win. Take it easy, there are two simple ways to check them out, those are:

  • At first, you are free to check via online. On the survey landing page, you can see some useful menus such as Sweepstakes Rules, Privacy Policy as well as the Sweepstakes Winners.
  • Then, you can send the letter winner list request to the Survey Teams. To deal with this way, you can prepare a piece of paper with an envelope. Then, you need to write the Attn: Wendy’s Sweepstakes Winner Lists 2018. And, you can send it to PO Box 16470, Rochester, New York 14616, the USA.

About Wendy’s Fast-Food Restaurant at Glance

Started the business in 1969, Wendy’s serves some kinds of fast-food recipes, and it awfully succeeded blamed the fast food lovers with its deliciosity. Yes, hamburger, salad, fried chicken, sandwich, and all kinds of beverages are successfully served with a full of heart and passion. Even, this restaurant becomes one of the famous fast-food chains across the US as well as in the entire world. Believe it or not, the restaurant attracts more than a thousand people to come into the store and spending their awesome time in more than 6K Locations in the world. Wonderful!

About the Ways to Get Wendy’s Locations

Well, Buddies! In some cases, you may need a store locator services to get the restaurant location. Indeed, when you come into a new country, and you don’t know what to do. And, here some smart actions that you can do to get one of 6K store locations, those are:

  • Visit the official website

The first thing to do is about to visit and check the store locator services. In this case, you can click on “Find a Wendy’s” and type down the city, state as well as the postal code. There, you can find the location, Wendy’s Hours of Operation, contact details as well as the offers and services.

  • Download the App

In this digital era, you should not leave behind as you can ease your job with internet and technology. To get closer to Wendy’s as well as you can see the menu, take the online order, as well as earn Wendy’s Point in Wendy’s Mobile Application. Yes, you can get the app on Google Play Store or Even, you can run the store locator service in that app in an easy way.

  • See the mobile map

For the rest, you can use your Google Map application to find out the restaurant locations. You only need to type in “Wendys Near Me” on the search bar and get the location lists and map.

How to Know More about Wendy’s Restaurant?

Buddies, you may get closer to the restaurant by downloading the mobile app or visiting the official website. Even, you may no longer worry to call the Customer Service at 888-624-8140 on the Hours of Operation.


Alright, we have a lot to do to support the restaurant, and one of them is about to take TalktoWendys Survey. And, we will not get disappointed to be a part of it because of the reward that we can win. There is no people can refuse enjoying $500 cash only by sending the complaints and recommendation instead. Are you happy to be a part of the restaurant? Let’s Go!

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