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TellSubway is a legal customer satisfaction survey that can lead you all to be able to share feedback. No doubt, if you are going to enter the survey, you will need to have that valid receipt. On that receipt, you must find the survey code complete with the Store ID that you have to use at So that you know, you can complete this survey within 1 minute. And, that is why people call it as 1 minute survey that will reward you free Cookies. Enjoy Subway Free Cookie Day!

What is TellSubway?

As you all can see, TellSubway survey is for the whole restaurant customers who have the valid Store ID Receipt. And, you all can start to access if you want to take the Free Subway Sandwich coupon. As it is a 1 minute survey, you don’t need to worry about your precious time getting wasted. You know, you will be able to share your feedback directly with the Customer Service. Yes, you may feel free to share your complaints and other comments. It is because the survey is the best place for all customers to share their feedback without having to feel afraid.

TellSubway Survey for Free Subway Sandwich
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Indeed, there will be some websites that you need to know when it comes to Subway Listens survey. If you are the legal resident of the United States of America, you can go to the official site, and if you are UK resident, you can go to this link. Meanwhile, if you are a Malaysian people, you can go here, and for Indian people, you can go to this web. And the last, for Finland residents, you all can go to this site. For sure, you can finish the entire Free Cookie survey if you have the Store ID. And then, you can enjoy the best Free Cookie Day by redeeming the Subway coupon code you get. Enjoy!

TellSubway Survey for Subway Free Sandwich
TellSubway Survey Steps Guides
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What Steps to Take to Join TellSubway Survey?

Yes, if you are about to take the survey, you all must understand that you have to access the survey at its official website. And, if you entered the homepage, there will be some steps to take in order to finish the process. And, here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to TellSubway Survey Website

The first step, you all can start to go to the official website. And as you can see, there are five official websites that you can visit based on your nationality.

  • Step 2: Fill Subway Store ID

The next, you have to get your the Store ID receipt, and when you find the homepage, you can fill the code. Yes, mostly, you will find that it has four numbers and you can use that code once.

  • Step 3: Click “Submit”

In case you are sure that the store ID you filled is correct, you can start to click “Submit.” And, you will get some the survey questions that will require your responses.

  • Step 4: Give Ratings to TellSubway Questions

Alright! You can see some survey questions, and somehow, they are also in the form of statements. Your job here is to give your best responses by giving some rates. For instance, you can give the high rates if you think the service and the menu are satisfying. In contrast, if you think the store service was disappointing, you can give the low rates.

  • Step 5: Leave Subway Feedback

After giving the rates for the best responses, you all can start to leave feedback. Of course, you are free to leave complaints, comments, and of course suggestions. Your honest feedback, in this case, will give a hand to the restaurant to grow to be a better company. Yes, you will find it cool because the restaurant is going to serve a better menu and more promotions for you. Not to mention, you will get more free cookie days. Nice, isn’t it?

  • Step 6: Earn Subway Coupon Code

And at the last section, you all must know that Tell Subway survey will give you a unique coupon code for free cookie. Here, if you get the code, you will be able to save it by writing the code on the blank space of your receipt. Yes, you can start to go to the nearest restaurant to show the coupon to the staff member. And, you can enjoy the free cookies!

What are TellSubway Survey Qualifications and Rules?

As you all can see, the corporate has some rules for all customers who are willing to take the survey. If you see, you guys will find some the survey qualifications as well as some rules that you cannot ignore. And, they are:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Tell Subway Survey

First, you all must understand that being eligible is a must for you if you want to enjoy your free cookie day. In this case, you can only enter the survey if you are a legal resident of USA, UK, Malaysia, Finland, or India. Among those nationalities, you cannot take the survey. And also, it is not enough until you are 18 years when you access the official websites.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Tell Subway Survey

As you can see, you must take the online the survey that is available on some websites in different countries. Not to mention, you can go to the survey officials.

  • Get the Valid Subway Store ID Receipt

The next, you can start to pay attention to your Store ID receipt. You all know that this store ID is crucial for you to enter if you want to take the survey. Here, you all must understand that you can use it for one the entry. If you are going to get another free cookie coupon, you can use another store ID receipt.

  • Save Subway Coupons for the free menu from the Restaurant

And the last, you have to take a note of your coupons code because you have to show them in the redemption process. If you see, once you lost your coupon, you cannot get any free cookies. And, more to know, you have to understand that you can use your coupon while you also join other promotions, including MySubwayCard promo. Yes, they are different and you have to use them separately.

What are Tell Subway Survey Rewards and Prizes?

As you know, the survey rewards you the coupons that you guys can redeem at all Subway restaurants in your area. Indeed, the rewards are various websites based on the country and the period of promotions. You can get the free chicken sandwich, free cookies, and so on. If you are willing to gather more information about the rewards, you will get it best to visit the official website.

Brief about Subway Corporate Profile

You all must know that Subway is a restaurant chain of fast food where you can find some various tastes of submarine sandwiches as well as fresh healthy salads. For the first time, you will get the first store was in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. Yes, Fred DeLuca and also Peter Buck built that restaurant on August 28, 1965. And near to that place, that is Milford, Connecticut; you will be able to find the headquarters.

You may not believe this but, this restaurant is the largest and biggest restaurant chain of fast food in the entire world. Yes, when you say this brand, people will think about its best sandwich. Right now, there are over 44,230 locations and you can find them in some countries in the entire world. With MySubwayCard, all members can get some promotions. Not to mention, you can use your membership card to get some free menu and extra points.

How to Seek for Subway Near Me through Online?

Among 44,230 locations, you may start to wonder on how to seek for some restaurants in your location. Well, you don’t have to waste your time wondering about it because you can search them through online. Here you go!

  • Subway Store Locator on Official Website

First, you all can start to think about using the store locator that is available if you go to You must find the locations menu, and you can just directly click it. And then, the next to do is to fill out some details of your location right now. For example, you can just fill the zip code to get the results of the restaurants in that zip code area.

  • Subway Near Me on Google and Map

Or, you can also seek for Subway Near Me that you can do it at Google search engine yet also Google Map. You will find some Near Me results that will direct you to the nearest restaurants. Interestingly, you can set the filter that has some options such as based on its distance, hours, and even restaurant reviews.

  • The Restaurant Locations on Subway App

The last, you can also seek for some locations by using the updated app. Yes, you don’t have to worry about using the app as it is easy to access. You will also find the locator to search the restaurants that you can visit as soon as you want.

How to Get in Touch with Subway Customer Service?

Alright! Some of the customers may find that getting in touch with customer care team is necessary. Here, you can just try the following contacts. They are:

  • Customer service Phone Number

First, you can dial 1 800 888 4848. It is the official number which can lead you to talk to the customer care team. As what you can see, the hotline is open in business hours. This number will listen to your complaints, suggestions, and other critics and comments.

  • Corporate Office Phone Number

Or, you can also dial the office number at 1 888 445 9239 and you have to know the business hours. This number is in the office and you can start to call it if you are going to visit the headquarter.

  • Official Email Address

If you are going to send an email, you may feel free to use Subway email address which is You know, you have to send a brief email and spell the email address correctly.

  • Official Office Address

And, for you who prefer to send a letter, you can also send it to Value Pay Services LLC, 9200 S. Dadeland Boulevard. Suite 705 Miami, Florida 33156. If you see, all customers can send the letter in order to send complaints, questions, and so on. You can also use this address to visit the headquarter just in case you want to meet the employees.

  • Subway Business Hours

You know, talking about dialing number, you have to do it in business hours. You know, the customer service is available on Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Yes, all customers are also free to dial the number in business hours to get the schedule to meet the official team.

In short, the company invites all of you to take and fill the survey. You know, this survey is easy to fill and most customers call it as 1 minute survey. By using your valid Store ID Receipt, you can get Free Sandwich or enjoy Free Cookie Day.  Enter your Subway Store ID now and enjoy your free cookies and sandwich!

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