TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes – Steps to Win TJ Maxx Sweepstakes $500 in 2019 – 2020

Do you ever imagine getting a $500 gift card within minutes? In this case, you just have to go to TJ Maxx store, purchase an item, get the receipt and go to Www.TJMaxxFeedback.Com. Of course, you are going to join TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes program. In this case, TJMaxxSurvey is the official T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey. And, you can leave some T.J. Maxx Feedback in customer survey to get the chance to join TJ Maxx Sweepstakes. Yes, at this program, you can be the next TJ Maxx Survey Winners to grab $500 gift card. Isn’t it fantastic?

What is TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes?

Alright, fellas! It can be the best time for you to start knowing more about the interesting program. Yes, TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes is an official T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey held by TJ Maxx Customer Service for all customers who want to in $500 gift card. If you see, TJMaxxSurvey has some names including TJ Maxx Customer Survey, T.J. Maxx Feedback in Customer Survey, as well as TJMaxxFeedback.

How to win $500 gift card from TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes
TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

For information, the survey here is reachable at Www.TJMaxxFeedback.Com. If you see, you must have a valid TJ Maxx Survey Number. Where to get it? No doubt, you can start to send some feedback. If you see, after completing the survey, you must get a chance to win $500 gift card. For information, all of you can be the next TJ Maxx Survey Winners. Yes, you can be one of the lucky participants to win TJ Maxx Sweepstakes prizes. Anyway, do you know how to be the winner?

What are the TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes Rules & Eligibility?

For information, in order to be the next sweepstakes winner, you must be eligible. You know, it is good that you give a try to check out the following points. Here they are;

  • Be Eligible

First of all, you get to ensure whether you are eligible. In this case, you get to be the legal resident of the US. And, the minimum age for the participants must be 18 years old.

  • Prepare the Things

The second one, you can give a try to prepare some things. Not to mention, you must have to get online tools. For instance, they are including internet access and browser. Here, the browser can be Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and so on.

  • Complete the TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes Steps

Yes, all of you must also start to complete the entire steps. Here, if you don’t complete the steps, you won’t be able to be the next TJMaxxSurvey winner. If you see, there are various steps which you get to complete. But, for the offline TJ Maxx sweepstakes, you don’t have to complete the survey first.

  • Follow the TJ Maxx Sweepstakes Prizes Redemption Rules

And the last one, you can give a try to follow the instruction once you get announced to be the winner. If you see, you get to complete the TJMaxxSurvey winner form in order to claim the $500 gift card. Yes, all of you must also send the form back to TJ Maxx customer service before the due date.

What are the TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

As you all can see, TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes offer you to win $500 TJ Maxx gift card. Yes, it is in the form of the gift card which means that you can only use it TJ Maxx stores. When you make a transaction, you can start showing the card. Later, TJ Maxx cashier is going to swipe your gift card as the payment tool. Of course, you can check out the latest TJ Maxx gift card balance. It is important for you to check out the balance regularly as it has the expired date. Even if you still have some balance, it is no longer valuable as it is expired.

How to win $500 gift card from TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes
TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

What Steps to Take TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes to Win $500 Gift Card?

Well, you can’t make it further due. It is going to be nice that you start to check out the following steps guides. Simple, here are TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes steps to win $500 gift card:

  • Step 1: Go to TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes Website

You know, as it is going to be the online TJ Maxx customer survey and sweepstakes, you must go online. And then, you must launch the browser and go to Indeed, you can’t go to as it is not the correct website to go.

  • Step 2: Complete TJ Maxx Survey Number

The next, you can give a try to check out your TJ Maxx receipt. In this case, you must ensure whether you get the survey number at the bottom part. Of course, it is the first detail which you must complete in the first field. In this case, you get to fill out the TJMaxxFeedback survey number correctly.

  • Step 3: Complete the Visit Date

And, the next one is the visit date. As you all can see, you get to complete the visit date which is reachable on your receipt. Yes, you won’t be able to continue to the next page if you miss submitting a single detail.

  • Step 4: Complete the Visit Time

The next, you can give a try to complete the visit time. For information, you must know that the visit time is also on the same receipt. Yes, you must complete this one in order to continue to the next page.

  • Step 5: Click on “Start”

And now, you can start to click on the red “Start” button. Yes, it means that you are ready to start the TJMaxxFeedback survey.

  • Step 6: Give Details about Your Shopping Experience

Yes, the first TJMaxxFeedback Survey Section is going to be about the specific thing of your visit. Not to mention, all of you must have to mention the total amount you spent, the service, employees, cleanliness, as well as the store location.

  • Step 7: Give Ratings to TJMaxxFeedback Survey Questions

After that, the TJMaxxFeedback page must request you to choose the ratings. Through the options, you can start to show whether you get satisfaction or disappointment instead. Don’t worry! It is okay for you to give the bad response as you TJ Maxx customer service will fix the troubles for you.

  • Step 8: Write Some TJ Maxx Feedback

Anyway, if you have done, you can also start writing some TJMaxxFeedback. For some options, you can freely write TJ Maxx comments, TJ Maxx comments, TJ Maxx complaints, as well as TJ Maxx suggestions. If you see, your feedback must be useful for the customer service to get the lacks things at the store.

  • Step 9: Join TJ Maxx Sweepstakes

As you know, your goal is to join the sweepstakes program to win a $500 gift card. Well, you get to understand that skipping the sweepstakes page is going to lead you to miss winning $500 gift card.

  • Step 10: Complete Your Data

In order to complete the entire steps, you must complete your data. In this case, you need to start writing your full name complete with your age and birth date. Besides, the TJMaxx sweepstakes page also asks you to give your contacts. For instance, they can be your email address, phone number, and other else.

How to win $500 gift card from TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes
TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

How to Get TJ Maxx Survey Sweepstakes Page in the Spanish Language?

If you see, you can also get the TJMaxxFeedback page in the Spanish language. Well, here are some steps which you can try to do:

  • Step 1: Go to TJMaxxFeedback Website

At first, you can start to go to which is the same website.

  • Step 2: Click on “Spanish” Link

You know, at the bottom part of the page, you must be able to see the “Española” link. Of course, you just have to click on that link.

  • Step 3: Wait for the Page Redirection

For the next, you can give a try to wait for the page redirection. Yes, if you have a stable and fast internet connection, you don’t have to wait for it.

  • Step 4: Enjoy the TJMaxxFeedback Survey Page in Spanish

The last, once you have the loaded page, you can start enjoying the new page. Of course, it is a TJMaxxFeedback survey in the Spanish language. Enjoy!

How to Seek TJ Maxx Near Me?

Anyway, for you who need to start getting the nearest TJ Maxx stores, you don’t have to worry. In this case, you just get to try the following ways. And, they are:

  • TJ Maxx Store Locators

At first, you can give a try to use TJ Maxx locators. If you see, it is reachable at the official TJ Maxx website. In this case, you just get to go to For the next, you can fill out your zip code and so on. No doubt, the locator here is able to show you the list of closest TJ Maxx store locations in your zip code area.

  • TJ Maxx Near Me

Well, it is also good for you to seek TJ Maxx Near Me. If you see, you must go to Yes, the results vary based on the filters which you set. Not to mention, they may vary like TJ Maxx hours open now, distance from your location, and so on.

  • TJ Maxx Application

Of course, the company also offers you to use the TJ Maxx application. In this case, you must be able to login to your account. Yes, you can start to register for a new account. And then, TJ Maxx app must also have some features like TJ Maxx store locations.

Ways to Contact TJ Maxx Headquarters and Customer Service

Now, there are various contacts which are able to help you. No doubt, you can freely ask some questions,

  • Marshalls, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods Office Address

770 Cochituate Road, Framingham, Massachusetts, 01701, United States

  • T.J.Maxx Phone Number

1 800 926 6299 or 1 800 888 0776

  • T.J.Maxx Business Hours
T.J.Maxx Customer Service Hours TodayOpen/Close
Monday9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • T.J.Maxx Supplier Diversity Email Address

Supplier Diversity at

  • T.J.Maxx Corporate Office Phone Number

508 390 1000

  • T.J.Maxx Fax Number

508 390 2828

So, it is going to be the ending part of the TJMaxxSurvey Sweepstakes guides. Yes, it is the program which is also popular as T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey, TJ Maxx Customer Survey, as well as TJMaxxFeedback. You know, TJ Maxx Customer Service invites every single of you to get your TJ Maxx Survey Number and go to Www.TJMaxxFeedback.Com. Now is absolutely the best time for you to join TJ Maxx Sweepstakes in order to be the lucky TJ Maxx Survey Winners of $500 gift card. Are you ready to claim the prizes?

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