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Welcome to United Parcel Service Employee Portal!

Are you managing an online shop? So, you should be aware of shipping management for the sake of accuracy. Even, the best partner of shipping and delivery services obviously comes to UPS or United Parcel Services. This company even prepares UPS Portal for Employees and Customers in order to manage UPS Tracking, Shipping Management and many more. So that is why you should not worry about entrusting your package to UPS Company as it assures the delivery process as perfect as possible. Anyway, for you who are working at UPS, it is the best time to show your best work performance as your office has prepared the best incentives for all of you. Yes, you can access UPSErs Login for employee site then help your customers to deliver their packages safely.

What is UPS Portal for Employees?

As we have stated before, UPS Portal for Employees or UPSers Login is the official site for all legal United Parcel Services Employees and Associates. This smart employee portal is available at or Once you are registered as UPS Employees from United States, Canada Puerto Rico or even the Retired Employees, you will receive a legal UPSers Login Username and Password. Sure, you can ask these secret codes to United Parcel Human Resource Teams. Through this username and password, you will be easy to improve your work performance. Guess why? UPSers Employee Portal gives all features that support your job likewise online scheduling system, UPS Tracking Services, payroll access and many more.

Anyway, UPS Portal Login for Employees is designed to show all details of customers including their shipping details. Even, every each of you will be easy to help them track the package. Indeed, this portal helps you to work effectively because all processes are run by online. More to say, UPS Employee Official Site also gives you the simple spaces to work fast by its online scheduling system, protected personal information database, as well as the information sources regarding UPS Company. Perhaps you need to claim your UPS Employee Benefits, so you should not hesitate to visit Employee Portal. It’s a great employee service, isn’t it?

What Have to Provide before Accessing UPS Portal for Employee?

Anyway, it is better to prepare some requirements that will be unable to access Portal. And with no talk too much, here the detail requirements are:

  • At first, you must be ready with your electronic stuff. As usual, it is better to use a set of computers or laptop instead of using a smartphone or tablet.
  • The second, you have to set the current version of the internet browser. So that you know, UPSers Employee Login is sensitive with some types of browser.
  • For the next, you should be sure that your device has been connected to the secure and stable internet connection.
  • At last, you can keep your user ID and password details beside you. Somehow, your Employee ID Card will be important on this login system.

What are the Steps to Access UPS Portal for Employees?

Once you have provided all the requirements. It is your time to access UPSErs Employee Login Official Site using your personal UPSers Account. Perhaps you are a new employee of this company, so you will need a guide to access Portal. Then, here the step by step details are:

  • Step One:

First of all, you must be sure that you are ready with all devices or requirements. Then, you can visit Portal.

  • Step Two:

After that, you need to select the language. Besides of English, you can use some language options such as Spanish, French, Mandarin and many more.

  • Step Three:

For the next, you need to mention the series of User ID and Password. For the new employees, you must create and validate your password and username. For the detail steps, we will discuss it later.

  • Step Four:

For the former employees, you should not confuse to start this UPSers Login System. Now, both of your username and password are ready. So, you can click at “LOG IN” and explore the employee portal features.

How to Register a New Account to Access UPS Portal for Employees?

Well, Friends! You need to activate your username and create your secret password once you want to claim your UPS Employee Benefits. Then, here the registration steps are:

  • First of all, you are able to visit UPSers Employee Login Portal at or
  • Then, you need to select the language based on your competency.
  • And next, you can click on the blue link entitled “Log in Help.”
  • Once you are on that page, you can click on (+) button at “New User Registration” menu.
  • Friends, you can click on blue link entitled “User ID and PIN.”
  • That menu will automatically bring you to the UPSers Registration Page. Of course, you need to submit some required information. Not to mention, it is about to select the Employee Type, Office Locations, Complete Name, and Employee ID.
  • When all is completed, you can create a login password. In this case, your password must be at least 8 characters. It contains at least 1 lower-case alphabet (a-z), at least 1 upper-case alphabet (A-Z), at least 1 number (0-9), and at least 1 special characters (! $#@^&,.+=~).
  • For the rest, you will receive the series of username and password. You should confirm it and try to log in at Portal.

How to Access UPS Tracking at UPS Portal for Employee?

Finally, you are ready with your valid UPSers Employee Login Account. Sure, you can help the customers to access UPS Tracking and get more details of its shipping information. In no doubt, here the steps are:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the language preferences
  3. Mention the User ID and Password
  4. Click on “LOG IN”
  5. Choose the “Tracking” menu
  6. Type down some digits of Shipping Numbers
  7. Click on “Track”
  8. Get the details of UPS Tracking.

Why You Can’t Access UPS Portal for Employees?

Anyway, it is possible for you to fail in accessing UPSers Login for United Parcel Service Employees. You don’t need to worry as it is not the end of your job. But, to fix it, you need to know the reasons why you cannot access Portal. From the various sources, here the possible reasons of why you fail to access this employee login system and those are:

  • The poor internet connection
  • Un-supported electronic device
  • An old version of browsers
  • Your wrong user ID or password
  • Temporarily un-active account (It happens because you fail to give the valid username and password until three chances. Even, it will be active after 15 minutes)
  • Or, server busy or under maintenance.

How to Recover the Forgotten Password at UPS Portal for Employee?

Then, you should not worry if you accidentally lose or even forget your password. It is not a serious problem. Indeed, you can fix it within less than an hour. And, here the steps are:

  • Visit
  • Select the languages
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” menu
  • Mention the valid User ID
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Answer the questions and confirm the notification
  • Get your new password.

If you cannot get the new password, it is better to contact the United Parcel Services Technical Help Form. Click on “Technical Help” link and mention the valid User ID. So that you know, the teams are ready from Sunday to Saturday for 24 hours of operation.

How to Contact United Parcel Services Headquarters Teams?

And then, you should not hesitate to call United Parcel Services Technical Assistance Teams as well as the Customer Service Hotline services anytime you need help. And the table below will show you the lists of UPS Technical Assistance Teams from the entire world. And, here they are:

UPS CountryUPS Technical Support
Armenia+10 3741 27 30 90
Australia1800 148 934
Austria0800 312 407
Azerbaijan+10 99 412 493 39 91
Belgium0800 21 877
Bosnia033 466 310
Brazil55 11 56946606
Canada1-888-UPS-TECH (1-888-877-8324)
China, People's Republic of10 800 852 0698
Czech Republic800 143268
Denmark80 33 22 55
Dominican Republic809-549-9326
Estonia372 666 47 00
Finland0800 1 877 2255
France0805 025 550
Germany0800 100 2630
Greece210-99 84 334
Hong Kong8206 2133
Hungary06 80016482
India00 0800 852 1113
Indonesia001 803 852 3670
Ireland, Republic of1800 202227
Israel00-972-(0) 56-890028
Italy800 122 732
Japan00531 85 0020
Korea, South00798 8521 3669
LuxembourgFR: 0033 8050 10365
Malaysia1800 80 4709
Mexico01 800 714 65 35
Monaco0033 8050 10365
Netherlands0800 222 5587
New Zealand0800 443 785
Nigeria234 1 2704981-5
234 1 2704992
Norway800 32 255
Philippines1 800 765 8065
1 800 808 50020
Poland02 22030321
Portugal800 783458
Puerto Rico1-888-UPS-TECH (1-888-877-8324)
Romania+4021 233 88 77
Russia7 495 961 2211
Saudi Arabia966 1 462 6655, ext. 528 and 579
Singapore800 852 3362
Slovakia+421 (0)2 58250 281
Slovenia04/ 281 12 42
South Africa+27 11 922 9200
Spain900 22 58 77
Sweden020 120 2255
Switzerland0800 82 25 54
Taiwan00801 855 662
Thailand02 713 6050-9 (Local)
001 800 852 3658
Turkey90(212) 444 0066
United Arab Emirates800-4774 (Local)
United Kingdom0800 3316010
United States888-553-1118
Uzbekistan+9987 1 120 3838

Even, you may need to keep the customer service phone numbers just in case you need to share it to your clients or customers. For the United Parcel Services Customer Service Phone Numbers, here the details are:

  1. United Parcel Service Domestic Phone Number: 1-866-742-5877
  2. United Parcel Service International Phone Number: 1-888-782-7892
  3. United Parcel Service Contact Customer Service Phone Numbers: 1-866-742-5877 (1-866-PICK-UPS®)
  4. United Parcel Service International Shipping Phone Number: 1-888-782-7892
  5. United Parcel Service Virtual Assistant: 1-800-833-0056
  6. United Parcel Service International Import/Export Services: 800-782-7892
  7. United Parcel Service Supply Chain Solutions: 800-742-5727
  8. Less than truckload (more than 150 lbs.): 800-333-7400
  9. Truckload (more than 12,000 lbs.: 888-682-4652
  10. Air Freight (more than 150 lbs.: 800-443-6379
  11. United Parcel Service Ocean Freight: 800-350-8440.

What is UPS Portal for Customers?

In spite of asking for help from United Parcel Services Employees, it is better to be independent customers. Yes, Guys! As long as you can run UP Tracking by yourself, then why don’t you access it? You should not need to worry as UPS Company provides UPS Portal for Customers. Yes, you can visit and access UPS Login for customers. Sure, you need to Sign Up to register the account and get all of the benefits.

How to Register a New UPS Login Account for Customer?

Well, registering as UPS Customer gives you a lot of benefits. Not to mention, you can get the various shipping discount, manage the shipping management as well as the easy process to UPS Tracking. Then, here the steps are:

  • Prepare your device including the internet access
  • Visit
  • Click on “Sign Up” menu
  • Fill out the required information (It is about name, email, user id, and password)
  • Click on “Yes”
  • And, “Sign Up” for the new UPS Login Users.

How to Access UPS Login for Customers?

Once you have activated your Login Account, you will be free to access this customer login system anytime and anywhere. Then, here the steps in its login system, those are:

  1. Prepare your device including the internet access
  2. Visit
  3. Click on “Log in” menu
  4. Type down the Email or User ID
  5. Give the valid password
  6. Click on “Remember my user id” to keep your login data
  7. Click on “Log in” menu
  8. Explore the menu and find out your shipping details.

How to Access UPS Tracking for Customers?

Do you need to get a quick access to track your package? Now, everything will be easy. Indeed, you don’t need to create an account just for tracking your shipping details. And, here the steps are:

  1. Prepare your smartphone or laptop with a strong internet connection
  2. Launch
  3. Click on “Quick Start” and choose “Tracking.”
  4. Type down your tracking numbers
  5. Click on the “Next” button
  6. And, get the details of your package.

What is UPS?

For the rest, it is going to be fun if we discuss UPS Company Profile. Anyway, UPS or United Parcel Service is the United States Multinational Package Delivery and Supply Chain Management. It links all customers and delivers the package in all of the sides in this earth. This company was founded on August 28, 1907, in Seattle, Washington. Right now, it has more than a thousand UPS Locations across the world and delivered for more than a million packages every month. For your information, UPS Company becomes the number nine of the largest private company in the USA because of its number of employees. Do you know? It has employed for over than 346,415 people in recent 2018. Amazing!

Friends, it is all about UPS Portal for Employees and a few details of UPS Login for customers. We hope that our information is helpful for all of you. Thanks for reading and boost your business with United Parcel Services, Best Luck!

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