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Do you usually get new cloth every month? Then, how long do you usually wear it? Ironic, most of those clothes are not what we really need. So, we find them stored inside the cupboard then make it useless. Of course, it is impossible to use all of your clothes in one time. Well, Friends! It is the time to change its bad habit then change to buy something that you really need and not what you really want. Why don’t you donate your second-hand clothes to everyone who needs it? Well, Value Village Store is the best place where you can donate your second-hand stuff, sell them, and even buy the great quality of second-hand products. There are over than a hundred locations in the United States that you can visit and explore. Once you have got one of the stores, let we know about your shopping experiences by taking part in Value Village Survey. This day, we will talk much about it. So, keep stay tuned and enjoy reading!

What is Value Village Survey?

Alright, Value Village Store opens Value Village Survey that is accessible at Portal. It is the legal survey program that is valid for every people who has recently shopped at this store. As like the other survey programs, you will be easy to give the complaints, feedback or even share your recommendation for the better quality of Value-Village Performance. Anyway, you only need to fill out several digits of Value Village Listens Survey Numbers that is appeared on your valid receipt. Within less than ten minutes, you can finish it and grab the instant reward as the appreciation for your support. The prize is $2.00 Value Village Coupons Discount for every $5.00 purchasing and more.

Value Village Survey Guidelines
Value Village Survey Steps at

For your information, ValueVillageListens com Portal offers the full-time survey access. So, you have 24 times free to enroll the site and share what happened on your previous shopping. Inside of it, you will face the digital Value Village Survey Questionnaires. Once you respond to them, the site will automatically calculate your satisfaction score and reports it to the official teams of Value Village Company. Further, the teams are glad to observe these reports and revise the bad parts then improve it to make you more satisfied. After knowing about the importance of your reviews, we hope that you can make a promise to share honest reviews based on your personal experiences. Of course, it is easy!

Value Village Survey Guides
Value Village Survey Guides

What Need to Provide before Accessing Site?

Alright, some devices will be helpful to access the Value Village Survey and take the prize without getting any difficult problems. However, you have enough time to prepare the devices before accessing the survey site. With no doubt, here the devices are:

  • First of all, you will need a computer device or laptop to access this online survey site. Accidentally, it is okay to access using a mobile phone.
  • Second of all, you have to ensure that you have set the current version of the internet browser. Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will be great.
  • After that, you can access Value Site when you have been connected to the strong and stable internet connection.
  • For the rest, it will be helpful to place the previous receipt and writing utensil with you. They will be useful to write down the validation code in the rest of the survey section.

Who are the Qualified Value Village Survey Participants?

Even you have owned all devices; you have to make sure that you match with the survey participant’s qualifications before accessing this portal. Yes, Value Village Company has several rules to all its participants once they want to participate in this online survey program. And, here the qualifications are:

  • At first, Value Village Listens Online Survey is valid for the United States Customers who are more than 18 years old.
  • They must be the real customers who don’t have any relation with Value Village Employees. Or, they don’t stay in the same household with them.
  • For the next, you have owned a valid receipt which it is not over than seven days of your last visit.
  • At last, you have free time to complete all questions without leaving any single voids.

What are the Steps in Value Village Listens Survey?

Then, you had the match with the qualifications and completed all requirements. Now, it is the time to take the survey and share all details that you face on the previous visit. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one: Visit ValueVillageListens Site

First thing first, you can start choosing one of the best browsers you have. And, you can visit Portal.

  • Step two: Set the Language

If you are not confident to use English, it is free to change it into Spanish by the tap on the blue link. And, you need to select the entrance based on your personal receipt’s appearances. Both of the receipts contain some digit of survey codes with the different total numbers.

  • Step three: Fill Out the Survey Code

Once you choose the entrance method, you can fill out the series of Value Village Survey Codes on the separated boxes. Then, you can click on “Start” if the numbers are totally correct.

  • Step four: Complete the Survey

It is the time to complete the survey. So that you know, there are two sections that you will face. At first, Value Village Listens com Portal shows you the like-scale statements. In the second section, you can type down the descriptive feedback and complaints by answering some open-ended questions.

  • Step five: Receive the Village Validation Code

When you have completed all questionnaires, you will receive the series of Validation Code that will appear on your screen. At that time, you can take your writing utensil and write the code on the receipt. There is a blank space where you can write the code.

  • Step six: Redeem Your Value Village Coupons

For the rest, it is the time to visit the same Value Village Store like the previous visit then show the validation codes to the customer services. Of course, you can purchase the items then get your $2 Value Village Coupon Discount instantly.

About Value Village Survey Terms and Condition

Beside of the participant’s qualifications, there are some rules that you must obey when taking part in ValueVillageListens Online Survey. With no talk too much, here the rules are:

  • At first, you must limit one survey entrance every month per the same household.
  • You can redeem your validation code in the same Value Village Location like your previous visit.
  • This prize is not redeemable for cash, other coupons, new merchandise or gift certificate purchases.
  • The redemption process is valid within ninety days from the date of the visit.
  • You cannot redeem your prize at the grand opening, sale days or even purchase the discount items.
  • When your coupon is missing, broken or even you forget to bring it in the redemption process, you cannot get your prize.

About Value Village Company Profile

Value Village is the brand of Savers Brand. It is the global thrift retailer providing the great quality of second-hand clothing, accessories, and household goods. The concept of this brand is “Rethink Reuse” which is the business models of reselling, purchasing and recycling of any second-hand products. Surprisingly, this company can keep over than 700 million pounds of the used goods from landfills each year. Even, it has helped for over than a hundred non-profit organizations by purchasing donated goods from them. Of course, it is kind of supports of their vital community programs and public services. Anyway, Value Village Company is founded in 1954 in San Francisco, California, the United States. But now, it has over than 315 Locations that is spread in 45 States, Canada, and Australia.

What is Value Village Donations?

Like we have mentioned above, Value Village Store opens the donations for any kinds of second-hand products. Even, you are able to sell your old clothes or shoes and take back Value Village Best Products. To deliver your donation, you can visit the nearest Value Village Locations in your local states. And, here the lists of accepted donation products, such as:

Kinds of DonationItems
AccessoriesHats, mittens, scarves, ties, socks, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags
Clothing & shoesMen's, women's, children’s
ElectricalSmall electrical toasters, radios, power tools, irons, blenders, mixers, stereos, CD players, speakers, DVD and VCR players, table lamps, floor lamps, humidifiers
Exercise & outdoorBicycles, golf accessories, garden tools, sports equipment, exercise equipment, skis
KidsToys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals
KitchenPots, pans, utensils, china cups, vases, dishes, cutlery, glassware, silverware, stemware
Knick-knacksJewelry, crafts, mugs, candles, pictures/frames, baskets, ornaments, hand tools
MediaHardback and paperback books, magazines, records, tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs, computer software
Small furnitureAll chairs, tables (dining, kitchen, coffee, end, computer, night stand, patio), dressers, hutch, armoire, bookcase, cabinets, entertainment centers
Other textilesBed/bath towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, curtains, tablecloths

Otherwise, you have to know that there are some un-accepted items that you should not donate at Value Village Store. And, here they are:

Kinds of DonationItems
Automobile partsTires, mufflers, fenders, etc.
Beds & bedding partsHide-a-beds, bunk beds, mattresses, box springs, waterbeds, coil springs, etc.
Construction materialsLumber, pipes, floors, tubs, cabinets, carpet, doors, windows, etc.
Note: some items in this category may be sellable, such as faucets, light fixtures, stained glass windows, hardware, decorative items.
Damaged furnitureTorn, soiled or in need of repair
Flammable productsAny items that operate on or contain fuel including: gas cans, propane cylinders, barbecues, lawn mowers, weed trimmers, camp stoves, tiki torches, etc.
Hazardous materialsBatteries, paints, chemicals, cleaning products, poisons, any liquids, etc.
Infant productsCar seats, cribs and related products
Note: accepting these items is restricted by law.
Large appliancesRefrigerators, dishwashers, furnaces, stoves, washing machines, etc.
Marine vesselsBoats, canoes, kayaks, etc.
Televisions & computer monitorsLarge televisions in cabinets, CRT “tube” televisions and monitors.
Note: we do accept LCD, LED or plasma flat screens.
WeaponsFirearms, explosives, ammunition, flares, etc.
Other itemsSwing sets, food, animals

But, Friends! You have to remember that the accepted and un-accepted products may be very different in each location. Somehow, they may differ every day based on the local’s need. So that’s why you are better to visit the nearest locations or even call the customer services in each location. To get the phone numbers, you can visit and click on “Find a Store” then type down the postal codes of your current positions. This page will show you the list of locations including the details of them.

About Value Village Hours of Operation

Well, Value Village Store will open every day. Most of the stores open at 8:00 AM and close it at 10:00 PM Local Time. But again, they may differ in each location and situations. It is better to locate “Value Village near me” on Google Maps or access Value village Store Locator at its official website. Anyway, it still opens the operation although it is on holiday and only closes the operations on:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving day
  • And, the Christmas Day.

The Lists of Value Village Locations in the United States

And, here we give you some lists of Value Village Locations in the United States. Maybe, some of them will be closed from your current positions. When you find one of them, it should be good to visit the store, donate your old stuff then purchase one of its great products. So, here a few location lists are:

AddressPhone NumbersHours
Ritchie Highway Shopping Center 5604 Richie Hwy, #3, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, Amerika Serikat+1 410-789-8621Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM
2277 University Blvd E, Lewisdale, MD 20782, Amerika Serikat+1 301-422-2406Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM
W 708, W Boone Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, United States+1 509-325-2569Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu
Parkway Square Shopping Center 16700 Southcenter Pkwy, Tukwila, WA 98188, USA+1 206-575-7435Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu
12060 SW Main St, Tigard, OR 97223, USA+1 503-684-1982Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu
2541 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28052, USA+1 704-861-8808Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM
5530 E Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Issaquah, WA 98029, USA+1 425-392-2249Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu
5060 US-89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, USA+1 928-526-1066Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu
5060 US-89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, USA+1 928-526-1066Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu
1124 River Rd, Puyallup, WA 98371, USA+1 253-848-1582Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

It is all about Value Village Survey at Portal. We hope that you enjoy your prize and be happy while shopping at this store. Thanks for reading this page and see you later!

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